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How many treated the disease bronchitis?

What is bronchitis and how this disease is treated and how to deal with it? Few will be able to confidently answer these questions. Bronchitis – a disease of the respiratory system at which infection affects the tissue of the bronchi. The main symptom of this disease is cough.

problema bronhita

Feeling the slightest relief, many uninformed people may think that now is a full recovery. But bronchitis is a disease not easy, it can last for a long time. Even if the patient had great improvement and missing all the symptoms of the disease, this does not mean that there was complete recovery.

The duration of the disease bronchitis

Very often there are cases in medical practice when suffering from bronchitis people, barely noticing the improvement in their condition, convinces himself that he is healthy and he no longer needs any medication. But bronchitis is an insidious disease. If not cured through, then it can hit again. Again there is cough and chest pain. To prevent the development of undesirable complications to the disease you want to approach with all responsibility and seriousness.

There are many factors that affect the development of bronchitis and its duration. Today found a great many ways and methods to fight the disease. But this medicine does not stop. Every day science is trying to find more effective methods to combat this disease that a man could as quickly as possible to cope with a difficult disease to get rid of it. There are the following factors:

slabyj immunitet - prichina bronhita

    1. Health. Immunocompromised patient with bronchitis interferes with the body quickly to cope with the onset of the disease. Especially hard to bear bronchitis and its exacerbations for people with chronic diseases. For example, if the patient suffers from cardiovascular diseases, it is impossible to conduct inhalation or use banks. If a person is suffering from kidney disease or the liver, it does not allow him to use some drugs, which soon follows to help him overcome the disease. Allergies and autoimmune diseases also is a barrier to the treatment of bronchitis in no time.
    2. The age of the patient. It is worth noting that if the disease is caught fairly adult or an elderly person, then deal with it will have longer and harder. Because it's a known fact that with age, the human organism weakens the protective functions become less active and their ability to protect people fromattack of various infections and viruses clearly subsides.
    3. Adherence to the prescribed treatment. It is important with such a disease to strictly follow all the prescriptions of doctor. Be sure to take all prescribed mucolytic or expectorant medication drugs. It is also very important to observe strict bed rest. After all, the failure to comply with rules and regulations can lead to serious complications and consequences, the treatment of which has been delayed for months.

    All faced with the bronchitis, you need to remember that it is a hard disease. The nature of this disease is an infectious viral. In General, if the patient follows all the prescribed recommendations and appointments, the disease may recede after 2 weeks. It all depends on the severity.

Acute and chronic bronchitis

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Depending on the duration of the disease accumulates in the bronchi of human infection may change. Therefore distinguish between acute bronchitis and chronic. Be aware that if you delayed treatment, or a frivolous approach to this disease is with incredible ease to develop into the chronic form, in which there is damage to the tissues of the bronchial pulmonary tract.

This form of the disease can progress in the human body for many years and can lead to other respiratory diseases. As a result, the person becomes very difficult to breathe. External stimuli: Smoking, gases, dust also can lead to the development of chronic bronchitis.

In the chronic form of the designated therapy, taking as during the manifestations of symptoms of the disease and after. A person needs to take antibiotics, the drugs that support his immune system, expectorant and anti-inflammatory drugs. As necessary, carry out inhalation.

With a form of acute bronchitis, things are easier. Because to cure it in a very short period of time, which is a week or a little more. By the way, to recover from acute form of the disease the person may even without medical assistance. However, it is advisable to resort to the use of special drugs designed to combat bronchitis.

It is recommended to take a full and comprehensive treatment. If the patient is reduced body temperature, cough disappears and the improvement of the General state of health, it's safe to say that the disease has receded. Surprisingly, acute bronchitis, unlike the chronic, contagious.

Bronchitis in children

Very serious and scary the situation becomeswhen bronchitis affects children. Because the disease takes them more acute. But the biggest concerns lie in the fact that in children it can easily go into pneumonia. There are cases when bronchitis leads to such a severe and unsafe disease like asthma.

konsultaciya vrachaSo how exactly cured bronchitis in children? If a child is some kind of Allergy, it may develop obstructive bronchitis. In this type of the disease is a swelling of the bronchial tubes. The result is the compression and narrowing of the bronchi. This, in turn, blocks the way to the removal of bronchial mucus accumulated there. Deteriorating ventilation. Paroxysmal cough appears. Children have a very difficulty breathing. The symptoms can last five days. Then it passes along with fever and lethargy. The cough becomes wet, expectorant. All these signs indicate that the disease is.

Usually bronchitis in children lasts for 10 days. If the disease is quite mild, the child is quite possible to cure in house conditions. If there is aggravation or deterioration of the child should be hospitalized in the near future, to prevent complications and to avoid harmful effects. Because the child's immune system is underdeveloped, so that the body could easily defeat the disease and to heal completely.

It is worth mentioning another important fact relating to bronchitis in children. Children who during the course of the disease there is severe shortness of breath, is also urgently be hospitalized.

So how long will it take the patient to get rid of lung disease depends on himself, on his approach to treatment, form of the disease and, of course, from the desire of the patient more likely to recover and again live a full life.

If the first manifestations of the acute form, the fundamental rule is to comply with bed rest and all recommendations of the doctor, not to provoke complications and will not give even the slightest chance for the disease to advance, mainly in the form of chronic bronchitis is to follow a proper and healthy lifestyle, complete abandonment of all bad habits. And then the recovery will come much faster.