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How to cure bronchitis with herbs?

Herbs bronchitis may be part of adjunctive treatment, but not primary, although many of the recipes of traditional medicine really help to get rid of this disease. But keep in mind that any self-medication can lead to complications.

problema bronhita

Before how to treat bronchitis with herbs, you should consult with a specialist.

In ancient times people would cough and bronchitis what herbs.

Is it possible to cure bronchitis herbs?

Medicinal plants contain substances that help remove toxins from the body and have the following properties:

priznaki bronhita

  • antioxidant;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antibacterial.

Medicinal herbs - a real storehouse of vitamins. They do help very well with bacterial bronchitis. But some infusions or decoctions is not enough. In some cases, bronchitis can have a running stage, which is treated only medical drugs.

To get rid of the disease, doctors advise to carry out the inhalation of a decoction of chamomile. Chamomile is one of the strongest in nature, antioxidants are very good at helping to relieve inflammation and eliminate infection.

To do inhalation with camomile with bronchitis, is sufficient for 500 ml of water add 3-4 tablespoons of dry herbs and boil for 5-7 minutes. After that, covered with a towel, breathe over a bowl for 3 minutes. To carry out this procedure at least 3 times a day.

ostryj bronhitGood folk remedy - BlackBerry (leaves). 1 tbsp. l. leaves (dried or fresh) pour 200 ml of water and insist 4 hours. After the broth has cooled, it should be taken 6 times a day for 1 tbsp.

Helps to fight infection the Siberian milkwort. It has expectorant, enveloping and antioxidant. To make the broth, you need to grind the root and pour 1 tbsp to 250 ml of boiling hot water, to insist 2 hours, then every day for 20 ml 3-4 times a day.

Elecampane is considered an effective herb for the treatment of bronchitis, but should be used not the leaves and the root. It has expectorant properties. The crushed root is boiled for 10-15 minutes on a slow fire, and after cooling, take 0.5 cups 2 times a day.

Well brings phlegm decoction of plantain. It can be drunk instead of tea, it is absolutely harmless. But a decoction of plantain need to be taken only in combination with drugs that help reduce inflammation and prevent complications such as pneumonia.

Acute viral bronchitisexperts advise to make a decoction of turnips. The chopped vegetable is filled with water (3 fingers above) and boiled on slow heat for 40 minutes. After this is filtered and taken morning and evening for 1 glass.

shema slizistoj bronhovRosemary marsh helps withdraw the phlegm, which is the cause of the inflammation. So as soon as possible to cure bronchitis, need to prepare a decoction of 200 ml of water and 1 tbsp herbs. Taken before meals 1-2 tbsp

Bronchitis is always accompanied by a cough, sometimes very strong. Coughing is the body's response to irritation in the bronchi. To reduce inflammation and get rid of dry cough, you need to make the inhalation of pine buds. They pour boiling water (3 tbsp. on 0,5 l) and breathe several times a day over the infusion. One can prepare a decoction and take it 2-3 tbsp 3-4 times a day.

It should be noted that the treatment of bronchitis can not only be carried out with herbs. Some substances included in their composition, can cause allergies. Therefore, before you make the inhalation and drink the broth, be sure to consult a doctor. Bronchitis in many cases, causes of pneumonia, and it happens because of self-medication.

How to get rid of dry cough with herbs?

A dry cough not accompanied with sputum production, and therefore greatly injures the respiratory tract. The faster you appear, the sputum, the more likely the person will no longer increase the temperature, will cough. To get rid of cough, you can use these herbs for bronchitis:

polza mat-i-machehi pri bronhite

  • mother and stepmother;
  • Linden flowers;
  • mullein;
  • flax seeds;
  • thyme.

These herbs have enveloping and emollient properties. To prepare a decoction mother and stepmother, 2 tbsp. l. grass pour 400 ml of water and boil for 10 min. Take 1 Cup 3-4 times a day. The effect will be visible in a day.

Linden flowers can be brewed as tea, but before use, be sure to strain the composition. 1 teaspoon of flowers steeped in 100 ml of water.

Mullein, flax seeds and thyme (2 tsp) pour 250 ml of boiling hot water and infuse for 20-30 minutes, after straining take 0.5 cups several times a day.

Herbal treatment of wet bronchitis

polza shalfeya pri bronhiteMucus contained in the bronchi, must be removed as quickly as possible, because contained in the sputum of viruses and bacteria - is a direct path to inflammation of the lungs. To bring out sputum, you need to make a decoction of St. John's wort and sage. In factif the phlegm contains traces of pus, a person must always consult a doctor because how do I output the pus only herbs will not work.

Sage and St. John's wort can be added to the solution for inhalation. To enhance the effect, it is necessary to combine these herbs with honey, soda. For the preparation of inhalation of the composition must dry grass in equal amounts to add to 500 ml of boiling water, boil on a slow fire. This broth is added 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp of baking soda.

Decoctions of the herbs are prepared according to standard (1 tsp. of herb per 100 ml water). With a wet cough the more drink the broth, the better.

Is it possible to make tinctures from herbs, herbal bronchitis?

Aloe is one of the medicinal plants that will help to quickly get rid of bronchitis, unless, of course, people will combine the treatment of bronchitis herbs with medication.

polza aloe pri bronhiteTo prepare a tincture of aloe, you will need 3 tbsp. l. crushed leaves, which after cutting should lie in the freezer for 3-4 hours. Herbalists claim that after cooling, all the substances which enter into the composition of plants, dual action. The crushed plants pour 100 ml of vodka (50 g pure alcohol) and insist 2 days. The shelf life of this tincture in a cool place for 3-4 months. Take 2 tsp after meals 2 times a day.

Some herbalists suggest aloe pour red dry wine and add in the 1 tbsp flower honey. After insisting (1 day) infusion taken 5-6 times a day for 1 tsp.

Very good helps to treat bronchitis Dong Quai. The root of the plant is crushed in a blender (100 g) is poured 150 ml of vodka. Be a part of the 3-4 day. The composition is stored in the refrigerator for six months. Accepted tincture 30-40 drops per day, 2 times after meals.

No matter how good tincture for bronchitis, it is still necessary to consult a doctor, because medicines, especially antibiotics, cease to have effect if a person takes alcohol.

Herbal teas should be used for the treatment of bronchitis, after consultation with the doctor, especially if the bronchitis in children.

Very effective when the disease collection of stinging nettle (1 tablespoon), rosemary leaves (2 tbsp).

After grinding herbs pour 200 ml boiling water and infused for 3 hours. After straining the herbal is taken at 0.5 cups per day a few times.

To wet cure bronchitis, need to do such a composition in a ratio of 1:1 elecampane root, eucalyptus leaves, peppermint, sage, calendula, viola tricolor. Chopped herbs pour boiling water and infused for 10 hours. Makebronchitis this composition to at least 7 times a day 100-150 ml.