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What are the symptoms of asthma?

What is bronchial asthma, the symptoms that are observed in humans with this disease, what is? After suffering a man choking episode he's more serious approach to this issue and asked questions such as: what risk disease, how to identify asthma in a timely manner, does Smoking influence disease development? Bronchial asthma 2 characteristic clinical syndromes: is the cough and COPD. The disease can occur in adult population, and in young children. Main feature of the disease is considered to be an asthmatic attack. When it comes to an unexpected feeling of lack of air, accompanied by shortness of inhalation and exhalation, followed by a whistle.

problema bronhialnoj astmy

How to identify the main symptoms of the disease?

Among the primary manifestations of the disease are the main paroxysmal dyspnea, wheezing occurrence of whistling and feeling a sense of heaviness in the chest, bouts of coughing without sputum.

Typically, in the course of bronchial asthma manifestations are observed in most cases at night or early in the morning. This is due to the decrease in the level of inflammatory hormones in the blood at night.

An asthma attack is a typical symptom of the disease, may result instantly or as a result of exposure to drugs that enhance the bronchi. According to this distinctive symptom bronchial asthma can be confused with obstructive pulmonary disease of chronic nature, the basis of development which is considered to be abuse of Smoking.

odyshka - simptom bronhialnoj astmyThe attack of shortness of breath starts and when the influence of environmental factors, irritating. Negative factors contributing to the challenge of symptoms of asthma attack can include such stimuli as:

  • the cooled air;
  • an unpleasant smell that irritation;
  • contact with the irritant;
  • Smoking, including passive;
  • active physical exercise;
  • the use of prescription drugs, which include aspirin or its analogues.

According to researches of scientists and doctors, are distinguished some types of asthma: allergic, cold, aspirin, infectious-dependent asthma physical effort, cough and bronchial asthma in conjunction with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In the course of paroxysmal shortness of breath the person may experience a dry cough.

After the attack is over, begins to appearviscous mucus in small amounts.

Phlegm usually has an amber tint. In allergic asthma mucus released without pus. In some cases, the classic attack of shortness of breath substitute for personalized symptoms (systematic cough without sputum discharge). The mucus excreted from the lungs difficult. After a long coughing attack her consistency has a sticky form. In this situation, after the end of the tests, proving symptoms of asthma, the doctor makes a conclusion about the disease.

What factors lead to disease?

holodnyj vozduh - prichina astmyThe true reason that caused the disease, scientists still unknown. In medicine there is a concept - identification of predisposing factors.

Today the specialists of the identified external and internal factors that influence the course and symptoms of this disease, to identify the true cause of the disease remains elusive.

A genetic factor leading to allergic asthma, considered to be heredity. It is observed that the risk of disease is significantly greater in those families where earlier data of the pathological processes suffered close relatives.

Besides genetic factors, leading to the symptoms of the disease, are overweight, and gender. Asthma is more common in adult human suffering from overweight. However, in men the likelihood of disease is significantly higher in early age.

External factors contributing to the emergence of asthma, in most cases are triggers that provoke asthma. The list of these external influences too high. In the first place to provoke an aggravation of diseases can allergens. In addition to this some types of acute respiratory infections can cause asthma in children and adults.

External factors can be a professional irritants or Smoking by the mother while carrying a child. Constant contact with cigarette smoke increases the likelihood of asthma in humans.

kurenie - prichina astmyAs practice shows, the worsening of the disease cause air pollution or fossil fuels. When feeding the infant with artificial food consisting of soy protein or cow's milk, symptoms of asthma are detected more often than in children feeding on breast milk.

It should be noted, Smoking is not considered a confirmed Foundation of asthma. It is known that tobacco consumption is many times complicates the treatment of the disease.

The use of anti-asthmatic drugs people abuse tobacco, does notthe desired effect.

What are the laboratory signs of asthma?

The study of blood and mucus assists the specialist in determining the diagnosis. Sputum and blood of patients suffering from asthma, contain, as a rule, increased the number of special cells called eosinophils. These cells absorb the histamine for allergies. These laboratory symptoms of asthma is characteristic of allergic type of the disease.

If a person is suffering from asthma, abusing Smoking, this increases the risk of adherence to the disease of chronic bronchitis. In this case, the phlegm has a slight amount of pus.

The presence of pus in the mucus can occur when infectious-allergic form of the disease. In this situation the therapy is supplemented by means of antimicrobial action to kill the bacterial infection.

analiz krovi dlya diagnostiki astmyTo confirm the allergic type of illness, the doctor prescribes the patient to perform a list of immunological techniques. These include blood and Allergy tests. Discovered the symptoms of allergic attunement will assist in the selection of required combination therapy.

In rare cases, when a joint asthma and COPD, the doctor may not prescribe the correct diagnosis using the above methods. This is due to the similarity of the signs that the disease, severe shortness of breath, cough and other manifestations. To establish apparent symptoms of asthma specialist recommends to fibrobronchoscopy with biopsy.

How is the treatment of bronchial asthma?

Today, medicine considers asthma to incurable ailments. The correct cooperation of the doctor with a sick patient gives the opportunity to control all the signs of the disease. Many patients with asthma the most important point is the lack of breaks in treatment.

Treatment of asthma consists of the following tasks:

  • controlling symptoms of the disease;
  • the preservation of the natural level of physiological activity;
  • maintaining the lungs in a natural way;
  • prevention of exacerbations of the disease;
  • prevention of side effects of drugs used to stop bouts of shortness of breath;
  • the prevention of deaths;
  • unconventional therapy.

fizicheskie nagruzki - prichina astmyBefore you begin to treat the disease, the physician needs to examine the history and available data applied to it man.

After the doctor will establish the correct diagnosis, he will prescribe the necessary treatment.

Belowto achieve the result of therapeutic measures, it is necessary to eliminate the allergic factors that can cause an outbreak of disease exacerbation.

The irritant that can cause coughing and shortness of breath, should be eliminated from the external environment of the patient.

If you ignore this requirement, the treatment will not give result. However, patient with asthma should completely give up Smoking.

What is drug treatment? First therapy consists of using 2 varieties of medications: anti-inflammatory and symptomatic cleaning an asthma attack.

The most important therapy drugs anti-inflammatory action prevents the possibility of dangerous consequences.

Funds received as primary treatment, is similar to natural human hormones. They are necessary to ensure the health and available in the form of sprays, powders, aerosols.

Anti-inflammatory drugs can not withdraw instantly an asthmatic attack.

They mostly are for the prevention and directed to the cure of allergic inflammation in the Airways. The second group of medicines is aimed at the elimination of symptoms. Medicines contribute to the expansion of the bronchi in the short term, stop shortness of breath and cough. These funds are called “bronchodilators” provide relaxation of muscle spasm in the walls of the bronchi. Thus, if the initial symptoms do not delay, and soon, seek medical help.

After the examination, the doctor will prescribe a course of drugs to facilitate asthma attacks and aimed at treating occurring disease of the respiratory system.