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The incubation period is regular and swine flu

The incubation period of influenza depends on the type of virus (adenovirus, rhinovirus, reovirus). For all subtypes of the disease under consideration is characterized by the following signs:

  • cough;
  • runny nose;
  • edema of the mucosa;
  • a high body temperature.

inkubacionnyj period grippa

Medical indications

A typical incubation period of influenza lasts 1-4 days. After the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease adult can spread the virus for 5-10 days, and the child - up to 10 days. People with weak immune systems can be infected within 1-5 months.

Influenza and its subtypes develop within 1-3 days. If the patient has a strong protective function of immunity, then the incubation period of influenza lasts 1 week. SARS patient is contagious to others as long as the virus does not die. This is due to the fact that the disease is transmitted by airborne droplets.

The flu and SARS appear symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, cough, nasal congestion, insomnia. Acute respiratory infections observed local lesion respiratory tract. The main difference between these respiratory diseases is the fact that SARS develops on the background of the virus. Characterized by a long incubation period, which is not typical of acute respiratory infections.

Direct impact on the flu have the following factors:
kashel - simptom grippa

  • the condition of immunity;
  • the number of pathogens in the body.

From complications of the disease specialists identify bronchitis, pneumonia, infection in the kidney and urinary system. The result is the incubation period for the flu there is a strong and sudden heat. The patient's General condition deteriorates. The eyes become red and watery, starts breaking joints and body.


In influenza the patient must comply with bed rest and lacto-vegetarian diet. Patient is prescribed antipyretics and anti-inflammatories. Children can be given Panadol. If necessary, the patient wipe with alcohol, diluted with water. When a “pale fever” receives intensive therapy. It is impossible for the flu to take aspirin. Otherwise, you may develop Reye's syndrome.

Of the doctors have identified mucolytics carbocisteine and Bromhexine. Children can be given the marshmallow root. As the flu develops on the background of a virus, antibiotics are not prescribed. Antibiotic therapy may harm the patient, since viruses and bacteria are of different nature. This technique is used by doctors in the following cases:

  • inflammation of the lungs;
  • bacterial bronchitis;
  • inflammation of the Airways and throat.

Special attention should be paid to bacterial complications,occurring in children up to 3 years. Antibiotics can be taken by the doctor with clinical signs of immunodeficiency.

Swine form of the disease

trudnoe dyhanie - simptom svinogo grippaDangerous disease for adults and children is considered to be swine flu, developed on the background strain of the virus. Diagnosis is a specific test system. Swine flu, unlike bird, is airborne. Its incubation period is 2-4 days. When severe, the average is 7 days. The main symptoms of the disease doctors include the following:

  • shortness of breath;
  • difficult breathing;
  • blue;
  • sputum with blood;
  • chest pain;
  • a high body temperature for 3 days.

The appearance of the above symptoms, it is recommended to urgently seek help from a doctor.

Swine flu, unlike the usual, has a new form of the virus.

The clinical picture of this disease causes the patient typical symptoms of ordinary flu. In the diagnosis of porcine form, the patient appears fever, cough. Rarely, the disease occurs without symptoms. If sick with the flu the elderly, then the virus can lead to death.

Pork form occurs in the unusual flu season. People can be infected with a virus over the summer. Strain, in contrast to the usual diseases, distributed in 6 times faster. Doctors believe that swine flu is particularly dangerous for women in the state. During the Spanish and Asian disease higher risk has been subject to pregnant women at the 3rd trimester. Pregnant women diagnosed with the flu, affects more hospitalizations than other women of reproductive age.

Treatment and prevention

tabletki dlya lecheniya svinogo grippaDuring pregnancy the immune system is very weakened. The organism rejects a foreign body - a fetus. While the female body with a weakened immune system are more susceptible to the flu. If the disease is diagnosed in the later stages of pregnancy, then the diaphragm can rise and lung volume decrease. These phenomena have a negative impact on the female body and the development of a fetus.

Treatment of swine flu is taking drugs aimed at the causative agent of the disease. The patient is administered the following tools:

  1. Amantadine.
  2. Zanamivir.
  3. Arbidol.

These drugs have successfully passed clinical trials. They are appointed taking into account the patient's age. Last resort Russian production has antiviral,immunomodulatory and antioxidant effect. Arbidol prevents bacterial complication of the virus, exerting a positive effect on conformational changes of the hemagglutinin of the virus strain. The above drugs recommended to be taken after consultation with your doctor.

Prevention of disease is in compliance with the following guidelines:

  • it is impossible to communicate with people who have such symptoms like high body temperature, coughing, sneezing;
  • in the period of epidemic it is not recommended to use public spaces. Otherwise, use a protective bandage;
  • washing your hands often;
  • it is impossible to travel abroad to a country where the identified outbreak strain of the virus;
  • pediatricians and physicians recommends that you take a comprehensive multivitamin.

Doctors recommend every year to be vaccinated against influenza. But this method does not guarantee 100% effectiveness in preventing the virus. When dealing with an infected person should avoid close contact with him.