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How to choose inhaler for children cough and runny nose?

Nebulizer for kids cough and runny nose helps the immune system of the child to quickly deal with inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. Inhalation is useful in such diseases:

  • tonsillitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • sinusitis.

vybor ingalyatorov dlya detej

The procedure eliminates a runny nose, makes cough more productive, enhances local immunity. As a solution for inhalation used various antiseptic and antibacterial agents, which increase local protective forces of an organism. Traditional medicine, which is so like in Russian families, uses for inhalation of steam from boiled potatoes. The benefit of this method is very limited. Hot steam penetrates only in the oropharynx, but not into the lungs, bronchi and trachea, otherwise the child would get burned mucosa. For quality delivery of the drugs to the foci of infection established modern inhalers.

Types of inhalers

The fundamental difference between all the inhalers presented for sale, is the method of treatment of the respiratory tract. Inhalers are:

  • steam: medicinal solution is heated and turns to steam, this is no different from his beloved pot of potato steam;
  • compression: the solution is sprayed under the action of air jets;
  • ultrasonic: fine slurry formed during the passage of ultrasound through the liquid;
  • the aerosol produced in the form of a spray with high pressure, pressing is formed the air stream with small dispersion of the drug;
  • powder: according to this principle arranged pocket inhalers for asthmatics. To medicine got into the airway, you should take a deep breath.

All of these types of inhalers have a strictly fixed variance, that is, the size of the sprayed particles is specified when manufacturing the device.

There are inhalers which can change the particle size to ensure easy penetration of the drug through the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Purchase of such a device makes sense only in case of serious and life-threatening diseases that do not involve a respiratory infection. In hospitals is set the adjustable inhalers so that they can serve more people with a wide range of diseases. All steam inhalers provide a large variance, that is, the particle size of the drug are quite significant. That is why sometimes they are used without special solutions or spray softantiseptic agents such as chamomile or mineral water. The magnitude of the dispersion related to the penetration of drugs into the respiratory tract as follows:
zapret ingalyatora pri angine

  • particles of 1-2 microns are not on the alveoli;
  • particles 2-3 microns only to the bronchioles;
  • particles 3-5 microns reach the trachea and bronchi;
  • particles 5-8 microns are deposited in the nasal and oral cavity, in the throat;
  • particles larger than 10 microns do not penetrate beyond the mouth.

The other name of the inhalers, the nebulizers. Most modern mesh nebulizers have many nozzles, the mesh of which depends on the particle size. For the treatment of colds enough size of 5-8 microns or larger. Too small of a variance does not provide sufficient exposure to areas of inflammation in the respiratory tract, it is used in allergic reactions such as bronchial asthma. The positive effect of an inhaler with no drug in the nose in a child:

  • the heat promotes dilation of blood vessels, blood flow increases local immunity;
  • due to thermal effects stimulated short-term increases in mucus from the nose, which has an antibacterial effect and destroys pathogens;
  • regular inhalation in rhinitis and sinusitis reduce the risk of complications, reduce swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages.

The use of an inhaler without the drug solution has limited effectiveness. Assistance in selecting the best solution for each specific case will have a pediatrician or a pediatric otolaryngologist.

Inhalation cough in a child

rastvor dlya ingalyacii - mineralnaya voda There are positive aspects:

  • fine dispersion of water vapor or solution of the drug contributes to liquefaction and softening of sputum;
  • facilitates expectoration of sputum;
  • dry cough wetting of the nasopharynx steam stimulates the secretion of mucus, which protects the body from further spread of the infection into the lungs;
  • inhalation non-productive cough turns into productive, thus, the dead pathogens and dead white blood cells are removed from the airway by expectoration.

To enhance the positive effects of inhalation, it is necessary to use either a breast collection, or other specialized solution for liquefaction of sputum.

All inhalers are the most noisy compression, may be frightened children. All other inhalerswork silently. Pharmacies sell baby heads on the inhaler in the form of ducks, pandas, elephants and other fun animals.

Important information

Often parents do not pay enough attention to safety precautions when using the inhaler, causing the ambulance hospitalitynet children with respiratory tract burns, allergic reactions and even rapid swelling of the throat. Before using any inhaler, you need to read the instructions, and the use of all solutions for inhalation is to find the right dosage and contraindications. Do not use inhalation:
zapret ingalyatora pri vysokoj temperature

  • in case of sore throat caused by streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci and other bacterial pathogens;
  • in any otitis;
  • children up to 1 year;
  • children under 6 years only by prescription, without the recommendations of the expert - it is impossible;
  • if you have even a slight fever;
  • the appearance of blood or rusty mucus in the sputum.

Before using inhalation, it is necessary to set the type of pathogens that caused the disease in the child. For this pediatrician appoints special tests. If a doctor prescribes a drug without bacteriological samples, it is necessary to question his competence.

Bacteria multiply very well in a wet environment, for them, any vapor and moisture will be just a gift. As a result, the child's condition will deteriorate very quickly, in severe cases, the inflammation will move down through the respiratory tract and affect the lungs and the pleura. When otitis is manifested swelling of the mucosa of the Eustachian tube that connects the middle ear and the oropharynx.

The use of a pair of short-term increases mucus, the result of otitis media is aggravated, and the child feels worse. For children it is best to choose ultrasonic, compression or mesh nebulizers, because they are not happening heating steam.

Solutions for inhalation

konsultaciya vracha pered ispolzovaniem ingalyatoraThe most important thing in the procedure of inhalation is correctly chosen remedy, after all, some particles will enter the respiratory tract of the child, and the success of treatment.

Before using for inhalation infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants, you need to ensure that the child has no allergies to them. The most popular solutions for inhalation from a cough and runny nose:

  • mineral water brand “Narzan” or “Borjomi” to hydrate the mucous membrane of the oropharynx;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • thinning phlegm andimproves expectoration drugs;
  • antiseptic solutions;
  • antibiotics.

To anti-inflammatory drugs include such herbal remedies as tincture of propolis, calendula and eucalyptus, essential oils, Rotokan”.

Some children are sensitive to the vegetable components, therefore, should be closely monitored Allergy symptoms. To facilitate expectoration applies “Ambrobene”, “Sinupret”, mukaltin and pertussin.

Before you apply medicines for the treatment of a specific disease, you need to consult with your doctor. The use of antibiotics is justified only in consultation with a pediatrician. Widely used inhalation when coughing with a mild antiseptic solutions furatsilina or miramistina. These remedies are safe and provide significant assistance to local protective forces of the organism.

Steam inhalers increase the solution temperature up to 37,5°C, which is why they can't be used for babies and children of younger preschool age. When heating occurs the destruction of chemical bonds in some medicines, for example, in hormonal and expectorant drugs. This route of administration destroys all the benefits of the medication.

The importance of inhalation for recovery

Inhalations are not a universal treatment for any colds, it's a helper method, whose main task is to relieve symptoms. Shortness of breath and sore throat have a negative impact on the child's condition, and inhalation will help to cope with these cold symptoms. However, in order for treatment was the most efficient and fast, requires a precise diagnosis and prescribe basic drugs, depending on which pathogen caused the disease.

To avoid complications, you should contact the pediatrician and get a comprehensive treatment. A responsible approach to recovery will help the child recover quickly and without loss.