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Symptoms and treatment of laryngitis and pharyngitis

The most frequently asked question of the patient to the ENT doctor is: how to distinguish from pharyngitis laryngitis symptoms and treatment? Most people think that they are one and the same. These two diseases have only a General category (lesion in ENT-organs), everything else is radically different.

problema zabolevaniya gorla

The main difference of laryngitis from strep throat that the inflammatory process is formed completely in different places. In the first case it affects the larynx, in the second, the disease is localized in the mucous membranes of the pharynx.

The factors in the emergence and development of laryngitis

In most cases, laryngitis is an inflammation of the primary character, i.e. it does not occur as a complication.

pereohlazhdenie kak prichina faringita i laringitaIt may develop after:

  1. A strong surge of vocal cords.
  2. Hypothermia.
  3. Prolonged mouth breathing of cold air flows.
  4. The negative impact of harmful gases and vapors.
  5. Drinking too cold or hot drinks.
  6. Chemical burns as a result of frequent Smoking and drinking alcohol poor quality of raw materials.

Laryngitis has 2 forms: chronic or acute. Most often, chronic laryngitis occurs after the transfer of serious infectious diseases.

The symptoms and treatment of laryngitis

Sometimes the occurrence of laryngitis can not be overlooked. Many do not pay enough attention to their health and assume that after a few days the condition improves, it is only in the evening to drink tea with jam. This is a misconception. Without timely treatment, the illness will only intensify, and combat becomes several times harder. In addition, there is a high probability of transition from acute to chronic.

ostryj laringitMain symptoms:

  1. Constant dry mouth.
  2. The ever-increasing cough. First, it can be dry, then begins to stand out phlegm.
  3. The voice becomes hoarse.
  4. In the case of advanced forms lead to pain when speaking and eating.
  5. The increase in body temperature.
  6. A recurring headache.

An accurate diagnosis if you experience laryngitis can only put the doctor on the basis of analyses laryngoscopy.

The visual examination may reveal additional symptoms of disease development in the form of edema of mucous membranes, thickening of the vocal cords.

If a long time were not carried out proper treatment, there is a high probability of pathological complications. The main thing in the treatment of any disease correctlyto identify the cause of illness and competently to deal with it. All this must be done by the doctor-otolaryngologist.

If the laryngitis is of the standard form, the treatment will take place quickly, without taking a large number of medical drugs:
golovnaya bol pri laringite

  1. It is necessary to limit speech that is silent.
  2. Food should be neutral. To exclude the cold, sharp, salty, fried.
  3. To compensate for the body water you need to drink: tea, warmed milk, fruit drinks, infusions.
  4. If there is no temperature, you can make a foot bath (not more than 20 minutes per session).
  5. Coughing requires taking the expectorant drugs.
  6. Required a course of physiotherapy.

Should not often go out, especially in the cold season.

In chronic laryngitis the main symptoms are not as pronounced, but the duration of each treatment is much longer. It can be diagnosed by visual inspection:

  1. The vocal cords thicken much.
  2. Hoarse voice.
  3. And a lot of loud talk to the patient.
  4. Perhaps the development of paresis of the muscles of the larynx.

Therapeutic measures are the same as in the acute form of laryngitis, duration of 12-14 days.

General characteristics and symptoms of pharyngitis

Strep throat is a disease that affects all the mucous membranes of the pharynx. Most often it is secondary, that is, occur together or due to the strong inflammatory process of the Airways.

simptomy faringitaThere are cases where pharyngitis is primary. The main reason is the environment where the patient is, as a rule, the place of work. In this case, symptoms and laryngitis, and pharyngitis.

The main difference is that the most severe pain the patient experiences when swallowing saliva, not while eating.

Particularly hard for pharyngitis carry small children (under 2 years). In addition to headaches, dry mouth, cough, the baby much fever and stuffy nose. In this situation, you need a good pediatrician who will be able to distinguish the symptoms of strep symptoms of catarrhal sore throats. It is known that angina inflammation localized on the tonsils.

The main treatment methods

The sooner you get diagnosed and started the healing process, the faster the patient can recover. Pharyngitis does not involve antibiotics, preferably antiseptic and antibacterial drugs. Antibiotics are prescribed only in the most severe cases, when the classic form of treatment does not help and there was purulent discharge.

First, the audiologist prescribes antiviral drugs. Fightwith inflammation you can use local antiseptics in the form of ointments or sprays, in some situations, a very effective compress. When the patient gets better, the doctor recommends you to undergo several sessions of physical therapy.

osmotr u loraIn chronic pharyngitis the treatment is very lengthy. Unlike similar forms of laryngitis it is most painful, the acute stage is constantly moving in remission and back. As a rule, a chronic form of pharyngitis is moving into a more complex disease: rhinitis, tracheitis. The main reasons for its occurrence are:

  1. Frequent Smoking.
  2. Alcoholism.
  3. Harmful fumes.
  4. Some viral infections.

The main goal of effective treatment with pharyngitis - the fight against the fundamental principle of the disease. Constant intake of antibiotics is recommended to patients with chronic form. Very useful prophylactic inhalation of essential oils.

So the disease did not recur, it is advised to boost immunity, to monitor their health, take vitamins.

There is a category of people who categorically refuse to take medications for various reasons. In this case, suitable traditional medicine. It is worth remembering that her methods are effective only if treatment is started in the initial stage of the disease. Before you start taking the infusions, you should consult with an otolaryngologist.

Its effectiveness has proven extracts of fresh carrots and organic milk, horseradish, anise, Linden honey, onion broth. Well and help strengthen the immune system of baths with the addition of infusion of chamomile. Its vapor relieve headaches, allow you to breathe.

General guidelines

Laryngitis and pharyngitis have similar symptoms, so it is very important that the diagnosis was correct. To make a diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment can only the doctor-the otolaryngologist, it is desirable that it was experienced specialist. The probability of error is very high, as there are many other inflammations of the larynx, pharynx.

If you experience these illnesses should not self-medicate, and especially to make medical drugs that advised a friend or neighbor.

Every case of the disease, nature of disease, the General condition of the human body are special, and therefore the methods of treatment chosen by the doctor individually.

It is wrong diagnosis, illiterate prescribed treatment, the long absence of therapy are the main causes of complications of laryngitis and pharyngitis.