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How dangerous is the flu in early pregnancy and what are its implications?

We all know that the flu in early pregnancy, its consequences, and the effects of many other diseases that are incredibly dangerous because they can negatively affect fetal development and even lead to spontaneous abortion.

problema grippa na rannih srokah beremennosti

While waiting for the baby immunity women is reduced, the body is weakened and for that reason prone to occurrence of various infectious diseases, including influenza.

What is flu and how dangerous it is?

Influenza is an acute respiratory infectious disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. It is General intoxication, fever, appearance of acute inflammation in the respiratory tract. The influenza virus is characterized by the fact that its structure is constantly changing: this explains the fact of constant occurrence all new and new forms, the immunity to which people do not have time to produce.

pielonefrit - oslozhnenie posle grippaA woman can get sick at any stage of their pregnancy, it is noted that in the later stages the risk is much higher, because the immune system of the pregnant woman is reduced to a greater extent, and the diseases are heavier and more likely to cause complications. However, in the later stages of pregnancy, the influenza virus is not so dangerous and poses such a serious threat to the fetus, as in the early stages.

The flu virus has another characteristic influence on the body, which is characterized by a decrease in its resistance to other diseases, disruption of the endocrine system and immunity. The result aktiviziruyutsya and exacerbated chronic illnesses, such as tonsillitis, pyelonephritis, etc.

What are the consequences of influenza in early pregnancy?

The first trimester is up to 12 weeks. In this period there is a formation of internal organs and systems of the future baby, and for this reason, any disease arising at this stage can lead to very disastrous consequences.

The risk of malformations of the child is very large, possible even intrauterine fetal death. Moreover, it is proved that the flu virus has an effect primarily on the nervous cells of the embryo, resulting in abnormalities of the Central and peripheral nervous system. Thus, we can conclude that the flu in the early stages of pregnancy can lead to miscarriage and serious birth defects child development and disability.For this reason, if a woman becomes ill with flu, being pregnant in the first trimester, doctors can recommend her to terminate the pregnancy artificially.

gripp vo vremya beremennosti - prichina gipoksii plodaAnother problem which can be caused by the appearance of women have such infectious diseases as influenza, in the early stages of pregnancy is the development of intrauterine fetal hypoxia (oxygen starvation).

At a later time the flu virus is also dangerous for the baby. It also creates a high risk of miscarriage, can cause damage to the placenta, but these moments, as a rule, is not so difficult to eliminate. Besides, in the later stages of pregnancy all organs and systems of the fetus are already in place, the child simply grows, and the flu virus can lead to defects and deviations in its development.

If there is a violation of the placental circulation, it is usually safely eliminated. There are often oligohydramnios, intrauterine growth retardation, the child is born with small weight, but typically deliveries occur on time and the baby survives.

However, prenatal infection with influenza virus on pregnancy adversely affects the baby's health. Approximately 60% of children affected by the influenza virus while in the womb, there are certain deviations of development and health problems. So, quite often, these kids are suffering from endocrine, allergic and skin diseases, their teeth erupt later than in healthy children, they often pick up acute respiratory infections, including in the neonatal period, and any viral infection they can easily turn into pneumonia.

How to make sure the baby's okay?

analiz krovi na vyyavlenie anomalij plodaSo, despite all the efforts to protect themselves from the diseases you caught the flu during pregnancy. What should I do? How to know if baby, isn't this insidious virus to serious deviations in its development? For this it is necessary to pass the examination.

First of all, the doctor will prescribe a triple test consisting of tests for HCG, AFP and estriol. According to these indicators, you can determine how high the risk of developing abnormalities in the baby. This is followed by the procedure of amniocentesis, in which you will take a sample of amniotic fluid. This procedure is very dangerous because it can lead to miscarriage, but sometimes she can not do without.

However, it is worth remembering that none of the analyses can give 100% guarantee of detecting the presence or absence of fetal malformations.

Treatment of influenza duringpregnancy

Remember that the medicine should be prescribed only by a qualified technician. Self-treatment is dangerous for almost all people, and in pregnancy especially need to be extremely careful and strictly follow the recommendations of a physician. Most drugs are absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy because they can seriously harm the health of the child and adversely affect his development, particularly in the early stages.

Choice of dangerous drug you will only aggravate the already dire effects of infection on the fetus.

Remember: for a pregnant woman and her baby can be dangerous even traditional medicines based on herbs!

 maslo chajnogo dereva dlya lecheniya grippaHere are a few tools that can still be used along with medicines prescribed by a doctor (only after consultation with the latter!):

  1. Sage, chamomile, eucalyptus, mint: extracts from these plants can be used for inhalation. Also great tea tree oil.
  2. Oil of orange, grapefruit, eucalyptus can be used for aromatherapy (aroma lamp), since they are able to ease breathing.
  3. The paracetamol. It can be used to reduce the temperature. However, try to refrain from the use of its various derivatives, such as Coldrex or Theraflu, because in their composition, in addition to the paracetamol, includes a variety of flavorings, dyes, etc. about the possible impact on the fetus you may not even guess. In addition, they can cause an allergic reaction, that will only aggravate your condition and hurt the baby.
  4. Drink plenty of liquids. It would help to wash away the virus from the body. It is advisable to drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. You can drink like a normal warm water and tea with lemon and honey, fruit drinks from berries and compotes. However, be careful with honey as it is very strong allergen.
  5. The onion and garlic. These vegetables are great help to fight against infectious process, moreover, are excellent prevention.
  6. Homeopathic remedies (Oscillococcinum, etc.). But it is worth remembering that the help they are not for everyone.
  7. Solution hlorofillipta, tincture of iodine and soda, decoction of chamomile - excellent means of gargling helps to relieve pain.
  8. And finally - don't forget about healthy sleep. He needs to devote as much time as possible. It is known that during sleep the body is most actively fighting any disease, including influenza.

Remember that any disease is much easier to prevent than to cure, especially during pregnancy. You need to watch yourhealth, strive to strengthen your immune system, and it should be done well before planned conception. Only in this case you can protect yourself against the flu and other viral infections.

Health to you and your baby!