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Sore throat with pharyngitis

In this disease, as pharyngitis, a sore throat, hoarse, felt raw pain when swallowing, there is a dry cough. These are the basic symptoms of the disease, to fight which is fairly easy.

zabolevanie faringitom

Strep throat is a fairly common inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the throat, most often it occurs on the background of viral infection (ARVI, fungal infections and other).

The causes of the disease and its types

Inhalation of too cold or dirty air, the influence of chemical stimuli is the main cause of the inflammation. Infectious pharyngitis can be triggered by various microbes (strepto - staphylo -, and pneumococci) and viruses (influenza, adenovirus) and fungi (Candida).

povyshennaya temperatura pri faringiteThe disease can develop due to an inflammatory process that occurs in the throat, for example, due to sinusitis, rhinitis or even tooth decay.

There are two varieties of the disease:

  1. The acute form develops when the impact occurs on the mucous membrane of a number of aggressors.
  2. The chronic form develops when strep throat was not fully cured. This disease may occur as an independent disease, if there is long exposure to the shell pharynx. There are stages when the disease is acute, and remission.

Chronic pharyngitis may be simple, hypertrophic, atrophic.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms, which manifests itself in the presence of acute pharyngitis following:

  • sore throat, amplifying at swallowing;
  • a noticeable increase of temperature (about 38 degrees);
  • in the implementation of palpation one feels pain in the upper cervical lymph nodes;
  • occurs hyperemia posterior pharyngeal wall and Palatine arches, which is noticeable when conducting a pharyngoscope.

This inflammatory process in the tonsils, and this is very typical of angina. You need to remember that the presence of strep can only be a manifestation of certain infectious diseases.

plohoj son pri faringiteIn chronic pharyngitis the main complaint of patients is the dryness and feeling of a lump in the throat, which constantly provokes coughing to cleanse the throat. The patient feels some discomfort in the throat, and it starts from the fact that in the process of swallowing occurs just swallowing mucus that is on the wall of the pharynx. In addition, the patient is disturbed sleep.

In the presence of atrophicpharyngitis the mucous membrane is covered with a dried crust. In the period when the disease becomes aggravated, begins a swelling of the mucous membranes. At survey of a throat marked redness of the walls of the pharynx, the impression that the mucous membrane became loose, there is also the possibility that there was an increase of the tonsils.

Symptoms manifestations of acute pharyngitis, which occurred during an acute respiratory viral infection, also complemented by the symptoms of the underlying disease, namely: there is a strong intoxication of an organism, there is pain in the muscles, sometimes it is possible the appearance of the rash.

At the first symptoms should immediately turn to doctors, it is not recommended to independently carry out treatment in the first thing you need to know what contributed to the emergence of pharyngitis.

Methods of treatment of the disease

poloskanie gorla pri faringiteThe main goal of treatment is to reduce symptoms of the disease. You need to have the greatest effect on the main reason for any disease. Prescribed medicines which remove the inflammation, have antiseptic properties. The treatment of pharyngitis should only be conducted under the supervision of a physician, preferably an ENT specialist.

The sequence of treatment of the disease

  1. Local funds: rinse, lavage of tonsils disinfectants, irrigation sprays, lubrication Lugol solution, etc.
  2. Antibiotic therapy if necessary and strictly according to the doctor).
  3. Physiotherapy: UHF, diathermy, laser.
  4. Phonophoresis - the combination of exposure to low frequency ultrasound and medicinal substances.

For treatment the patient needs to take medication, which is able to moisten the mucous membrane of the posterior pharyngeal wall. If we turn to folk medicine, to this effect well suited to the constant gargling a decoction, which is prepared from chamomile or calendula. Can be spread back of the throat with a mixture, which is prepared from glycerine and peach oil.

In infectious pharyngitis appoint special sprays that need to be sprayed on the throat. They are able to reduce the pain, have antiseptic properties. Prescribed tablets and candies, but only when the disease is in the initial stages. Antibiotic medication will be carried out according to the individual characteristics of the patient.

polza propolisa pri faringiteThe most effective folk remedy to combat pharyngitis is propolis. It easily helpto get rid of this disease, especially if it's early.

Tincture of propolis completely real to prepare yourself. This requires a good grind propolis and pour it into cold water.

In this case, all the impurities and the wax rises to the top and the propolis remains at the bottom. The precipitate, which is at the top, you need to separate and add alcohol (96%). Leave for 7 days.

Every day you need to shake the container with infusion, and after the desired time the resulting tool need to filter and combine it with glycerin in the proportions 1:2.

Obtained the medication is necessary to lubricate the membranes of the nose 1 time a day for 2 weeks.

Preventive measures

To avoid infected with strep, you must perform a number of preventive measures.

You need to gradually harden the body. Remove from your life once and for all malicious factors, such as Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. You need to do in order to restore the disturbed nasal breathing which, in turn, will increase the protective strength of the body.

It is necessary to carry out ventilation in the room, it is also recommended to purchase a special humidifier. Pain often occur for the reason that the man sleeping with opened mouth. The air that enters the throat and lungs, moisturizes the nose. When it starts breathing through the mouth, the moisture disappears, which contributes to irritation and dryness of the throat.

It is necessary to raise the head of the bed. One of the most common reasons that the pain occurs in the throat, is the regurgitation of gastric acids in the throat during the night. These substances exert too strong an irritant effect on the throat. To avoid this, you need about 16 cm to lift the headboard.

It is strictly forbidden to eat before going to sleep.

Need to frequently change your toothbrush, as it may be the reason why a sore throat with pharyngitis. Brush accumulates a large number of bacteria, and at the slightest damage to the gums, they enter the body.

You must remember that timely recourse to qualified experts will help to diagnose the disease and prescribe the appropriate course of treatment, which in turn will help to avoid unpleasant consequences.