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The emergence, development and treatment of sinusitis

Sinusitis treatment is aimed at several factors. I need to resolve not only mechanisms that influenced the formation and development of the disease, but the causes that led to the emergence of the disease. Is important and eliminating the signs of sinusitis that will facilitate the patient's condition.

problema gajmorita

Treatment of acute forms of the disease

To resolve the acute stage apply a variety of techniques. Including the treatment of local character, the treatment with physiotherapy and other methods. If the person has a fever and intoxication, then be sure to use antibacterial drugs, vitamin complexes and antipyretics. It is important the patient to stay in bed or polupostelny mode, it depends on the nature of the disease. When it comes to severe manifestations of sinusitis, you may need hospitalization.

Local therapy for sinusitis

vidy gajmoritaTo uncover the mouth of the sinus and to ensure the outflow of the contents, used nose drops with vasoconstrictor effect. In this case used drugs “is not effective”, “Xylometazoline” and several others. You should follow the advice of a doctor receiving these drugs, as overdose can lead to undesirable effects. There are a combination of drugs, an example of which is the tool Rhinopront”. The drug combines an antihistamine and vasoconstrictor effects. The tool has a different form of output, so it can be used in the form of capsules or syrup.

A combination of drugs are presented and sprays, which include components that provide antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effect. Examples are drugs “Izofra” and “Polideksa”. The funds are in the form of course. When fixed in the sinuses mucus, begin to apply aerosol “Bioparox”. The tool has a pronounced anti-bacterial effect, is prescribed as the course of 6 nights. Dosage also determines the attending physician, should not resort to self-application of the drug.

Phyto - and physiotherapy

fizioterapiya dlya lecheniya gajmoritaPhysiotherapy treatment can be carried out from the initial stage of development of the disease. Applying such methods of treating sinusitis as microwave or UHF. The modern method is the use of laser. The tool has many useful properties. It is both analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting method. In addition,laser helps to improve tissue repair. The method is carried out using plants with low intensity of exposure.

Early in the development of sinusitis apply and inhalation, but at normal body temperature of the patient. The duration of the procedure is small, she is 5 minutes. The course of treatment is 6-8 days, depends on the degree of manifestation of the disease. For best results, before inhalation drops used for vasoconstriction. Fees may apply herbs that have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect. Such plants are St. John's wort, peppermint, eucalyptus, yarrow and chamomile.

Relatively old method is the use of cyclamen. It is important to note that the use of plants must be done very carefully, since its juice is poisonous. It is recommended to use the infusion of the roots, as this is the safer option. To prepare the tincture must take 2 g of the root of cyclamen and pour the crushed plant with 100 ml of boiling water.

promyvanie nosovyh pazuh pri gajmoriteYou need to give the remedy to stand for 1 hour and dilute the resulting composition on the basis of the calculation: 1 l of water requires 1 tsp of the composition. It is worth noting that such a plant should not be used in the treatment of pregnant and lactating women. This also applies to children. It is forbidden to use the product and in the presence of certain diseases and pathologies. Similar refers to secretions from the nose like a blood type and atrophic rhinitis. It is important to note that receiving funds can cause side effects such as coughing, sneezing, excessive sweating and fever, pain in the nose.

Not to risk and not to prepare the composition yourself, you could use a ready-made option in the form of the drug “Sinuforte”. When using it is the increase in the outflow of mucus, facilitates its output. Creates the effect of a drainage that allows you to release the area of the sinus.

If the treatment is performed when serous, catarrhal or vasomotor form of the disease, it is the introduction to the bosom of collargol - binder. This is because under these types are not the formation of pus. Also use antihistamines and glucocorticosteroid hormones.

Other methods of treatment

simptomy gajmoritaApplied antibacterial therapy, in which antibiotics with a broad spectrum of effects. Used such groups of medications, like cephalosporins, macrolides, and penicillins. It is possible to use, and sulfa drugs. To prescribe antibiotic medicines can only be a specialist, so don'tshould start taking medicines on their own. It is important to follow the prescribed course and not deviate from the dosage. This will allow you to achieve the best result, which will be destroyed by the existing microorganisms become pathogens of the disease. As a result, the patient will get rid of the disease and prevent the development of chronic forms.

If the process has assumed a severe form, the indication for treatment may be surgery. Complications of sinusitis include abscess of the cranial cavity and orbit, sepsis and inflammation of the meninges, i.e. meningitis. Is the opening of the maxillary sinus and ethmoid labyrinth, the elimination of the nidus of pus. Odontogenic sinusitis may have such complications as osteomyelitis of the upper jaw. In this case also removed foci of pus by using operational method.

Addressing chronic disease

medikamentoznoe lechenie gajmoritaThe scheme of treatment of chronic type of this disease involves eliminating the cause of the disease. So you want to heal those places that the patient inflamed. It concerns polyps in the nose, adenoids, nasopharynx and diseases of the teeth. A similar condition is required, without complying with the specified stage it is impossible to talk about the recovery of the patient.

Methods of treatment include similar methods applied to eliminate acute type of sinusitis. However, it is important to pay attention to the features of tactics of treatment. During exacerbation of the pathological process is used flushing and puncture of the sinuses, apply antibacterial method and decongestants. If conservative method of treatment has not led to recovery or achievement of positive shifts, then resort to a surgical method.

The use of antibacterial drugs carried out during the acute inflammation process. As in the case of acute form, used groups of antibiotics: cephalosporins, macrolides and penicillins. In the presence of purulent type of disease definitely used antibiotic drugs, which input is carried out by injection or ingestion. For best results, use seeding content that allows to determine the sensitivity of microflora of the sinuses to certain antibiotic drugs. If an exacerbation of the disease is not available, the use of antibiotics is not necessary.

The application of a puncture

punkcionnoe i bespunkcionnoe lechenie gajmoritaAn effective technique is to puncture. The mucous membrane of the nose analiziruyut and numb, allowing you to avoid the patientbleeding and pain due caused by a spasm of blood vessels. As this drug is used a 2% solution of tetracaine and epinephrine. The needle is inserted directly through the passage of the nose. This is followed by the entry of fluid in the sinus. This liquid is a substance for disinfection. Its excretion takes place independently via anastomosis of the nasopharynx and sinuses. In the presence of the closed openings of the sinuses using the second needle, which produce the pumping of the liquid.

If needling is used to treat the maxillary sinus, we used solutions of potassium permanganate, furatsilina dioksidina and to enter in the named area. Is then introduced into the bosom of a solution of broad-spectrum antibiotic. At the same time entering and enzymes that allow to dissolve pus. To provide additional anti-inflammatory effects can be applied glucocorticosteroid hormones.

The use of this technique is made in 1 day. All you need to do 7 to 10 punctures. In some cases leave a thin catheter into the sinus, allowing you to not be performed each time a puncture again. After 5 washings can remain content in the form of pus, it will talk about the development of that conservative therapy can't handle. To exclude recurrence of the disease, carried out inspection a few weeks after completion of lavage and biopsies.

Asunction ways and surgery

The elimination of the disease can occur without puncture, and in this case uses a special catheter Yamik. Using named fixtures in the nasal cavity creates negative pressure, allowing removal of harmful content. We then introduce disinfectants and antibacterial drugs.

For washing, use the technique called “cuckoo”. Into the sinus and the nasal cavity introduces solutions that then emerge. To avoid the fluid entering the airway, the patient repeats the sounds the bird that gave name to this technique.

Simultaneously with the presented methods can be used UHF therapy and drugs for vasoconstriction. However, in the latter case, it is important not to overreact and to promptly complete the treatment in 10 days after you start taking a vasoconstrictor begins to decline tone of blood vessels, thickened mucous and difficulty breathing through the nose. This leads to a deterioration of the patient's condition and course of the disease.

Surgical technique consists in the small opening of the sinus, through the nasal cavity, and forming a wide passage in the nasopharynx. This allows you to createfavorable conditions for the outflow of pus and injection of pharmaceuticals.

Radical intervention is used primarily for chronic polyposes, polyposes and parietal-hyperplastic stage of the disease. Hole in the wall of the sinus can be done through the threshold of the oral cavity or nasal passage. This is followed by a curettage of the cavity of the sinus and fistula formation to communicate with the nasopharynx. To avoid the recurrence of the disease used prevention through conservative treatment. Apply antipruritic and astringent drugs are used by local method - electrophoresis with potassium chloride.

Severe cases characterized by cyst formation, difficulty breathing, or caseous appearance, cholesteatoma and necrotic forms of chronic sinusitis, are treated with removal of tissue that were lose. During recovery used massage for sinusitis, which provides blood flow to the desired areas. It is recommended to use the services of professionals, if you want to apply this method.

Thus, treatment of sinusitis by using a variety of methodologies and tools. The patient it is important to seek qualified medical help, not to delay the visit to the doctor until complications or transition of sinusitis in the more severe form.

Not recommended for use and self-medication, as you need to accurately diagnose and identify the cause of the disease.