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How and why a cough laryngitis?

Cough laryngitis is caused by inflammation of the mucous membranes. It is often associated with colds and infections, often scarlet fever, whooping cough, measles. Laryngitis develops when people got hypothermia or breathing polluted air, and by drinking cold drinks, Smoking, and frequent anguish voice.

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Laryngitis may be a complication of colds. The main symptoms are: redness, swelling of mucous membranes.

In the acute form of laryngitis, the inflammatory process extends to the mucosa, not only the larynx, but trachea (laryngotracheitis). The process of inflammation accompanied by severe cough, possible phlegm.

In the presence of chronic laryngitis in patients there are frequent complaints of hoarseness, feeling of a sore throat, accompanied by cough. This form of the disease often develops as a result of repeated inflammation in the nose, throat. Chronic laryngitis develops as a professional disease (a profession that requires constant stress of voice), and even due to Smoking and alcohol abuse. With an increase in the inflammatory process all of these symptoms worse.

konsultaciya vrachaIt is impossible not to agree that coughing is one of the most unpleasant symptoms that prevent a normal active life, and often exhausting person not only physically but also psychologically. Cough as a symptom of the disease is paroxysmal in nature. Cough uncontrollable, in connection with this cause the inconvenience associated with communication, conduct of work and cause discomfort to others.

Few people like to hurt, especially many of the symptoms of deliver certain inconveniences. The cough can be mild, caused by tickling in the throat, can if to tear the throat from the inside. The best way is always not the self or hope that "itself will pass", and appeal to the specialist: only a doctor can figure out the cause of ailments, especially since the disease can be not only a laryngitis.

Cough laryngitis is manifested in different ways.

  1. Barking type of cough in most cases is accompanied by a wheezing noise in the chest, lack of mucus, the secretion is in this case in the treatment process, especially increased, for a successful and speedy recovery. Barking cough laryngitis is characterized by an increasing swelling of the mucous membrane. On the use of expectorants should consult with your doctor. Treatbarking cough expectorant and mucolytic doctors rarely allow.
  2. Dry cough in the initial stage of laryngitis has the property a few days later go into a productive, begins to appear the sputum. Symptoms include also a dead voice, swollen mucous and sore throat.

Treatment of cough proven methods

polza ingalyacij pri laringiteDry cough to treat more difficult. Abundant warm drink is the best friend in the fight against cough. You can use the old-fashioned way - tea with raspberry or honey. This will soften the discomfort of cough, facilitate the withdrawal from the body of phlegm. Treatment of acute forms of laryngitis lasts more than two weeks. During treatment it is advisable to eliminate anything that can irritate the larynx.

Laryngitis used inhalation. Used drugs that inhibit the cough center. The composition of these medicines includes the following components:

  • dextromethorphan;
  • codeine;
  • tusupreks;
  • paxillin;
  • pentoxyverine;
  • oxeladin.

It is also advisable to reduce the sensitivity of the mucosa of the respiratory tract to stimuli. It is not necessary to use mucolytic drugs, which are used to facilitate sputum discharge. It is worth noting that taking expectorants, along with your inhalations not guarantee a reduction in symptoms. Cough may briefly increase due to the liquefaction dried out and additionally depleted of mucus.

Doctors recommend a few days try not to talk, to drink plenty of warm fluids and refrain from Smoking, alcohol, cold and spicy food. To alleviate some of the symptoms, you can gargle with salt water.

The air in the room with the patient must be fresh, warm and moist (you can use a humidifier or put a basin of water). In addition, make it easier to transfer the disease gargling with infusion of sage, or chamomile.

When the first symptoms of the disease should consult a doctor. The best treatment can be prescribed only by a qualified technician. Antibiotics used only under strict prescription of a physician.