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As there is laryngitis contagious?

Why appears the laryngitis is contagious if it is and how to treat it - these issues occur in many patients. Laryngitis is an inflammatory process that develops in the throat.

shema laringita

There are two varieties of the disease.

  1. A chronic form. Occurs after people have been ill with an acute form of laryngitis, or if there are chronic lesions in the nose, sinuses, throat. The disease can be due to constant exposure to factors that damage the throat.
  2. The acute form. Occurs dramatically and suddenly after exposure to a number of reasons.

Need to know what the larynx is responsible for voice function of the whole organism. In cases when the cause of laryngitis is a virus or a bacterium, the disease becomes very dangerous for others, because it is transmitted by airborne droplets.

The reasons contributing to the development of the disease

Usually, laryngitis may progress on the background of various diseases:

  • flu;
  • colds;
  • inflammation of the lungs;
  • mechanical damage of the larynx;
  • allergies.

gripp - prichina progressirovaniya laringitaOther factors that can trigger the development of laryngitis, is being in a very dusty environment, too hot air. To begin to progress the disease may due to the fact that the voice was too strained and also if there are chronic foci of inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx or disorders of nasal breathing.

Agents of laryngitis can be divided into two groups.

  1. Viruses.
  2. Bacteria.

A disease is directly a sick person that becomes contagious from the time symptoms first symptoms.

Activation of the inflammatory process may begin due to the impact of numerous factors:

  1. The abrupt change in body temperature, which causes hypothermia.
  2. Smoking in too large quantity.
  3. Excessive use of alcoholic products.
  4. A loud cry, which leads to the fact that there is a strain of ligaments.
  5. Continuous inhalation of polluted air.

The development of laryngitis may occur in cases where there is Allergy. Education allergic reactions can trigger different chemical substances on the mucous membrane of the larynx. In cases when you start to develop allergic reactions, can be observed the development of edema of the entire region of the larynx or a division that may threaten the patient's life. This type of laryngitis generally occurs in children earlyage.

allergiya - prichina laringitaAnother reason that the disease will begin to progress, can be severe emotional distress.

This fact often can be detected in children of younger age categories.

Psychological trauma can trigger spasms in the vocal cords, as the child's mind is still fluid and the reaction to external events, the baby is more pronounced.

A certain percentage of children the disease may be congenital. Primarily, this is due to the fact that during pregnancy the woman led a wrong way of life.

In the period when the woman was in position, she was able in large numbers to eat carbs or fatty foods, what was the cause of predisposition of the child to acute respiratory infections.

The bacteria is transmitted through indirect contact. This occurs at the time of inhalation of contaminated particles that are released by already infected person. Typically, this occurs at the time of sneezing or talking. To avoid defeat is possible only when restricted to the contact with the sick person. You must cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

Viral laryngitis can be cured at home. The use of antibiotics does not give the desired result, because these drugs do not affect viruses. How long it will take to recover is directly dependent on the immune status of the patient. Many people don't know what laryngitis is able to spread from one person to another, therefore do not pay attention to unpleasant symptoms. After the diagnosis of this disease should always be at home and if you need to visit a public place, use a gauze bandage because the disease is easily transmitted by airborne droplets. This form of transmission is specific for bacterial and viral laryngitis.

The symptoms of the disease and its treatment

konsultaciya vrachaThe manifestation of acute laryngitis, as a rule, there is a deterioration of the General condition of the body, sometimes there is an increase in body temperature. Experiencing pain when swallowing. Sometimes patients complain that it is very hard to swallow. This occurs for the reason that narrows the glottis. In addition, there is a feeling of dryness, scratching in the throat. Cough, at first dry, but afterwards it begins to be accompanied by expectoration of sputum, the patient voice becomes hoarse.

If you develop chronic laryngitis, patients often complain that the throat is too tired quickly,there is a constant cough. Once the inflammatory process starts to escalate, all the symptoms are intensified.

Treatment is to eliminate the causes that contribute to the development of this disease. First and foremost, the patient is strongly recommended for 5 days not to talk, but if this needs to be done, the conversation should be quiet. If you do not adhere to this rule, laryngitis may become chronic.

In addition, doctors strongly recommend to drink warm liquids. Very useful in this case is warm milk with honey. It is necessary several times a day to make the gargle and inhalation. For the period of illness and for two weeks after strictly non-Smoking. Doctors usually prescribe you a special treatment using drugs. The medicines have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties that help to relieve swelling of the tissues.

Preventive measures

To prevent such diseases as laryngitis in the first place it is necessary to prevent the development of colds. It is important to follow the usual rules of personal hygiene.

Need after the street to wash hands with soap and water, as this disease can transmitted by contact. Is strictly prohibited to touch with dirty hands, nose and mouth. Try to limit communication with people who are sick.

Gradually start to harden the body to strengthen the immune system.

It is necessary to avoid rapid temperature change, which can lead to hypothermia. Every day you need to ventilate the room, dry cleaning in the house through the day.

Regularly inhalation, if the work is directly related to contact with harmful substances.

Be aware that timely diagnosis of the disease will help to avoid side effects and consequences. In order to determine whether the risk of the above disease, and is transmitted whether it is necessary first and foremost to find out the form of the disease, in which then will be assigned and required course of treatment.