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Treatment and possible symptoms of the disease

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx is called laryngitis, symptoms and treatment of which are the responsibility of the otolaryngologist. If you suspect strep, you should go to the doctor without spending time on traditional methods. Proper diagnosis and professional selected course of treatment is the basis of recovery. Often, the inflammatory process extends to the upper respiratory tract, in this case, the disease is called laryngotracheitis.

konsultaciya vracha pri laringite

What causes laryngitis?

The most common cause of inflammation of the throat is catarrhal diseases, which arise on the background of low immunity and hypothermia. Traumatic injury of the larynx, for example, when a loud cry or strain of the vocal cords, in conjunction with an infection can cause laryngitis.

kashel kak prichina laringitaFor burns of the mucosa and inhalation of toxic substances local the body's defenses weaken and through ranki and microcracks easily penetrates the infection. Symptoms of laryngitis in adults vary depending on the size of the lesion: the larger the inflammation is, the more difficult the symptoms. Laryngitis may spread to the mucous membrane of the epiglottis, the wall pidholosoviy cavity and vocal cords. The most common complaint laryngitis:

  • the temperature increase up to 38.5 - 39 degrees;
  • soreness in the throat that worsens during speech and swallowing;
  • the change of tone of voice, the appearance of hoarseness, reduction of pitch, loss of voice;
  • a feeling of irritation and drying out of the mucous, sore;
  • unproductive cough;
  • pain and heaviness in the head, weakness;
  • irregularity, lack of appetite;
  • difficulty breathing, shortness of breath;
  • redness and swelling of the mucosa of the larynx.

povyshenie temperatury pri laringiteIn some cases, damaged blood vessels, then symptoms of laryngitis in adults include the appearance of red dots on the mucosa. Chronic laryngitis occurs as a complication of acute laryngitis by the wrong treatment. Another common cause chronic form of the disease is harmful to the health profession. At risk for laryngitis are:

  • professional singers, teachers, speakers, public figures who actively uses the vocal cords;
  • smokers and drug addicts who use chemicals in the form of powders and solutions for inhalation through the nose and mouth;
  • professional builders;
  • workers of the productionshops.

pevcy v gruppe riska po laringiteRegular inhalation of toxic fumes and fine dust gradually weakens the mucosa, whereby the immune system can not cope with the infection caught, and there will be laryngitis.

Treatment for chronic laryngitis is not less than a month, and the ordinary acute laryngitis is 7-10 days. In order to cure the disease in the shortest possible time, you should contact the audiologist. Chronic laryngitis, symptoms of which from time to time plague victims, requires not only therapeutic interventions but also lifestyle changes.

10 mistakes laryngitis

In order to return to a healthy state as soon as possible, it is important to help the immune system, and not to create obstacles to recovery.

kurenie zapresheno pri laringiteWhat not to do when laryngitis:

  1. Not to shout in a whisper. This is the most common practice among those who are hoarse or lost voice. Very popular view that speaking in low tones, the man cares for his throat. But actually during loud whisper vocal cords feel more tension than normal speech, so whisper doesn't help and prevents to heal. If the voice had disappeared or become hoarse, you ought to use sign language, write messages or to communicate with comics. Whisper is desirable not to speak.
  2. You can't smoke. At the time of illness should be restricted to Smoking, if you completely stop is not possible. Nicotine irritates the mucous membranes.
  3. You can not eat spicy, spicy, very salty and acidic food. Often victims are under the illusion that the excessive absorption of citrus helps to heal. In fact, the acid has a negative impact on the mucous membrane of the pharynx, causing a burning sensation and pain increases swelling. Tea with a small amount of lemon you can drink, but liking sour and spicy food is not worth it.
  4. You can not eat very hot drinks and gargle scalding liquid. The temperature of the food and drinks should be moderately warm.
  5. You cannot visit bath, sauna and use the hot compresses. Any warming procedures are applied only after the normal temperature lasted a day. At elevated temperatures it is impossible to take a hot bath, put on the throat of the heater and soak my feet. Heating in the bath and hypothermia in the snow do not help recovery, and aggravate the disease. Overlay on the throat of the sock with heated salt can cause the spread of the inflammatory process in the trachea. In order not to cause yourselfharm the methods of traditional medicine, it is useful to consult with your doctor. After the temperature returned to normal, the next day you can use the hot foot bath.
  6. You cannot drink alcohol. Alcoholic beverages can irritate and dry the surface of the mucosa. For pain better to use the lozenges or throat spray, not alcohol.
  7. Not during illness and during recovery to prevent hypothermia of the throat, can't breathe cold air through your mouth.
  8. You cannot lubricate and gargle with rubbing alcohol, iodine, furatsilinom, brilliant green and other appropriate means. As a mild antiseptic suitable Furatsilinom, Miramistin, or any special solution.
  9. Not brush your teeth and rinse your mouth irritating solutions, eg, mint and cooling effect.
  10. It is impossible to treat yourself, should listen to the recommendations of the audiologist. Otherwise, no one can guarantee a quick recovery without complications.

kameton - sprej dlya gorla pri laringiteIn order to alleviate the discomfort in the throat, a set of quick and safe medicines in the form of lozenges, balms, sprays and solutions.

The attending physician selects the available financial possibilities of the patient drugs. To help recovery, it is useful to call in sick at least 1 week and to stay in bed. To reduce intoxication, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids water, neutral fruit and compotes.

Medicines for laryngitis

In order to reduce temperature and relieve headache, you can use any NSAIDs, like Paracetamol. Antibiotics and antivirals depends on the specific type of pathogen. Laryngitis at the initial stage is very little sputum, and therefore the need to increase its volume, so the cough became more productive. For these purposes, suitable drugs with herbal ingredients, for example, mukaltin. A good effect is achieved with the help of inhalation solutions such as Ambroxol, fenistil and similar.

otek gorla pri laringiteOften to reduce puffiness appointed by antihistamines, for example, suprastin or claritin, it helps with allergic laryngitis. Against bacterial inflammation used bioparoks, fusafungine, fenspiride. Treatment of laryngitis includes not only local funds but also support the immune system. For these purposesimmunomodulators, vitamins, diet.

When applying solutions for inhalation on the basis of medicinal plants, you should ensure that there are no allergic reactions.

Laryngeal edema in people with allergies can develop at lightning speed, so use herbal medicine laryngitis should be cautious. At elevated temperatures inhalation is not carried out. If the feelings swelling begins to worsen, you should immediately call an ambulance.

The use of antibiotics

otit - oslozhnenie posle laringitaMost dangerous is the transition of acute to chronic laryngitis. To treat chronic form is much more difficult, the inflammatory process can last years, greatly complicating the life of the victim. Most often, laryngitis is caused by bacteria, such as staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococci. Against these pathogens are assigned to the broad-spectrum antibiotics based on penicillin, e.g., ampicillin, oxacillin, amoxicillin.

Drugs are selected based on the typology of pathogenic microorganisms, so it is impossible to pick up and make them yourself. If within two weeks there is no improvement of health, the combination of drugs needs to be changed. This means that microorganisms have become resistant to penicillin and requires the selection of another tool.

Adult is frequently a consequence of laryngitis, as the appearance of polyps on his vocal cords.

As a result of injuries formed a knot, filled with connective tissue. The polyp can cause changes in the voice, which negatively affects the work of teachers, speakers and singers. The deletion is performed using minimally invasive surgery. In rare cases, without medical treatment laryngitis goes into abscess of the larynx. Edematous form of laryngitis is especially dangerous narrowing of the respiratory passage, so in severe cases is hospitalization in a hospital. In the case of respiratory failure the victim will be provided immediate assistance.

A very common complication is otitis media the middle ear as the Eustachian tube inflammatory process extends upward.

If the soreness in my throat begins to give in his ear, perhaps this is the first sign of otitis media. Diagnosis and treatment is performed by an otolaryngologist. Just as laryngitis, otitis media can become chronic, which accompanies the victim for many years. Timely access to a physician allows you to avoid unpleasant consequences.

How to avoid laryngitis?

Often viral and bacterial infections are contagious to others. Transmission occurs by airborne droplets,therefore, in order to avoid that, you need to use separate utensils to the victims, and the mouth and nose to protect the mask. Inexpensive and practical masks for personal protection are sold in any drugstore.

Strong immunity is the best prevention of laryngitis, so you need to sleep well, follow a healthy diet and get positive emotions.