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How to treat bronchitis without a cough?

Bronchitis without a cough in recent years can be seen quite often. Of course, most people believe that bronchitis must be a strong cough. Bronchitis - this is a rather unpleasant disease, which begins to develop inflammation of the bronchial system and there is quite a strong cough. The result is a lot of peculiar sputum. There are two forms of the disease: acute and chronic. In most cases, acute bronchitis caused due to the fact that the man got sick with a cold or flu. The chronic form of bronchitis never occurs abruptly. Causes of disease in this case are long enough irritable effect on the bronchial system.

problema bronhita bez kashlya

An interesting fact is that the symptoms of the disease stalking a sick man for more than three months. In some cases, distinguished by the form of allergic bronchitis.

The influence of disease on human bronchi

When a person inhales air, the first one gets into the nasal cavity, then passes through the larynx and trachea. At the bottom of the trachea bronchial system is divided into two parts, that carry air into the lungs of man. The function that performs the bronchi, is very important. It lies in the fact that oxygen enters the lungs, and back via the bronchial tubes goes carbon dioxide.

When there is an inflammatory process in the bronchi, the walls of this organ become much thicker, the lumen is narrowed, accordingly, the amount of sputum increases significantly. Because of sputum and too narrow lumen of the man can not fully breathe, causing coughing and wheezing - the main symptoms of this extremely unpleasant disease.

Signs of inflammation of the bronchial system

postoyannaya ustalost pri bronhiteAs mentioned repeatedly, the main symptom of this disease is cough. In the first few days it can be quite small and dry, but for literally weeks will only increase, will also begin to appear in large quantities of sputum. The heavier the extent of the disease, the more dark will highlight, there are cases when they have a dark brown color.

In addition, may occur and other signs of the inflammatory process in the bronchi. These include the following:

  • slight fever;
  • constant fatigue;
  • wheezing and whistling when breathing;
  • in the chest can lead to pain, which appear particularly strong when coughing or during more deep breaths.

In some cases, along with the coughing appears veryhigh temperature and even chills. If you notice such symptoms, immediately consult a specialist to check your lungs for the presence of inflammation in them.

As a rule, the average duration of bronchitis is two or three weeks and no more. But it is possible that the cough can occur for months and sometimes even longer.

The role of cough in inflammatory process in the lungs

povyshenie temperatury pri bronhiteDue to the fact that in the respiratory tract of the patient there are different kinds of debris, mucus begins to stand out in a large enough quantity, because it is obliged to remove the danger and neutralize substances that can harm the human body. Coughing also plays a very important role, because it not only clears the bronchi from mucus, but from microparticles that fall. Cough is a normal protective reaction of the organism to stimuli, which can cause quite serious diseases, not only bronchial but also the respiratory system.

Does bronchitis without a cough? The answer to this question is very simple: Yes, it happens. When the infection enters directly into the bronchioles, where there is not a single receptor, respectively, without causing irritable reactions will not and cough. If the bronchitis is cough, then it belongs to chronic form and is called bronchiolitis.

Interestingly, the cough to some extent during bronchitis even helpful, because the thus purified human organs, and the disease leaves the body faster.

When I have bronchitis without a cough?

Usually bronchitis without a cough and a slight increase in temperature can be seen in children, and in the fall or early spring. A similar phenomenon can be found among adults. No coughing in this case can be explained as follows:

oznob - simptom bronhita

  • the disease is only starting to develop;
  • there is damage to the bronchioles or infection got into them;
  • has a chronic form of the disease.

If the disease is only beginning to develop, and the inflammatory process is low, then no signs of bronchitis, including cough, may not occur. In some cases people may not even know that he was ill and need treatment immediately. At the same time, a few days later, due to the large amounts of phlegm will be the first cough, he may be small, and over time can increase.

If bronchitis occurs in a child, and he does not cough, instead, you will clearly hear a wheeze or whistle. This is an indication thatbronchi is quite a lot of mucus, which must be removed. As practice shows, often children, sick with bronchitis, I want to cough, but need the receptor does not cause the occurrence of this process.

The absence of cough: is it dangerous for the patient?

We have already mentioned that the cough in some degree useful in this disease, as bronchitis, because it is a defensive reaction. Through coughing the body can quite easily get rid of the dangerous particles. Accordingly, if this symptom there, you should immediately consult a doctor. If the bronchi themselves are not cleaned, they accumulate not only has a lot of mucus, which does not allow the person to breathe properly, but also harmful microorganisms. As a result, can develop more serious health problems.

shema bronhitaDoctors especially much attention is paid to those patients who bronchitis cough.

In addition, in this case, it is necessary to spend several times more surveys and to pass a great number of tests in order to as quickly as possible to find out the cause of this phenomenon.

Often you can find instances where people try to restrain the cough and sputum production, because it causes them severe discomfort. This behavior with time begins intense sputum increase in volume.

The worst is that it stagnates, causing can occur is quite dangerous complications.

As a rule, most often they are these:

  • pneumonia of various degrees of complexity;
  • narrowing of the bronchioles;
  • a different degree of clogging of the bronchial tubes.

If a disease such as bronchitis, is no time to pay attention and not to start treatment, the consequences can be quite severe. There are known cases when in the absence of proper and timely treatment of a person experiencing respiratory failure.

The result of such complications eventually became a brain stem stroke, caused by the fact that it does not get the oxygen or the amount was almost insignificant. This process is for the brain and the whole body is fatal.

Action in the absence of cough during bronchitis

If you suffer from bronchitis and you have no cough, the specialists will prescribe medication that will help you to cough the phlegm, making it more liquid.

In addition, you can make a decoction of plantain or licorice. It is worth considering that if you are prescribed antibiotics or other effective and very powerful medication, taking them should be implemented within a few hours of sleep. So you need to do due to the fact that somedrugs affect the sleep patterns of a person and can even cause insomnia.

Pay attention to the presence or absence of cough, because if there is no cure, bronchitis go into an acute form and could end up quite dangerous complications.