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Cough green phlegm: what should be the treatment?

Many patients on reception to the doctor complaining that they have leaves of green sputum. Sputum that has a green tint, are caused by bacteria. Basically it stands out from the trachea or bronchi. Green mucus when coughing may indicate the presence in the respiratory tract of pus, liquid suspensions of dead bacteria and blood cells-leukocytes accumulated in the fight against bacteria.

problema kashlyaMain causes of green sputum when coughing directly linked to diseases such as tracheobronchitis, acute bronchitis and exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, bronchiectasis, postpneumonic purulent pleurisy (empyema) and lung abscess.

Therefore, to postpone a visit to the doctor is not necessary, as these diseases are quite serious and insidious. Measures taken in time will help avoid negative consequences.

The elimination of sputum

ocenka mokrotyMucus is constantly secreted from the respiratory tract. It is a kind of barrier which does not penetrate the body in different foreign particles contained in air, such as dust. Mucus consists of a special protective immune cells fighting the germs.

The appearance of sputum is green, which stands out when you cough, there is an urgent need to take action. The presence of this type of phlegm is often accompanied by impeded outflow of mucus and inflammation can occur, if it will stagnate in the human body. There are several ways to improve the flow of mucus in adults.

First, you need to use a warming drink. After its adoption will improve the outflow of a sputum, and the cough becomes softer. As a drink you can drink freshly brewed tea to which you add milk, butter, salt. First, in the tea add salt, a little oil and mix thoroughly. Then, the resulting mixture add the milk, a quarter of all clubs. Get a hot drink. It is recommended to use it gradually so not to burn the throat.

Using special compresses can be achieved independent of the sputum. As a compress, you can use the mustard or banks. Well help you black bread with honey, which is wrapped in fabric in several layers, and a compress placed on the chest of the patient. It helps you to sleep.

polza meda pri kashleA great result is if you do chest compressions. You need to make circular movements on the chest, they should be slow and smooth. Recommended during massagingto use the treatment composition. The best option would be to use the infusion of pine buds.

Green phlegm is to cough well, if inhalations. After applying inhalation disappears stagnant secretions. A good effect will be obtained from the use of the funds, which will be added brewed pine buds, you can add a little menthol. The breathing should be even and slow. Inhalation is carried out over the container when covered with a blanket or using a special inhaler.

There is another method, which allows a good warm up the chest: the use of mesh with the Vietnamese balm.

All the above methods have a beneficial effect on the human body, and after using the patient feels better and the body is restored.

Before treatment, be sure to find out the cause of the disease, and for this you need to visit a specialist. If there is thick mucus with a suspicious uncharacteristic color, should raise the alarm. For children the presence of such a symptom is considered to be very dangerous this phenomenon can be caused by a suppurative process. For the treatment it is advisable to use antibiotics or potent drugs.

Quick recovery with herbal medicine

polza ingalyacii pri kashleThe use of herbal remedies and drinking plenty of fluids is necessary in order to get rid of the cough. To relieve inflammation of the bronchial mucosa is required to use herbal remedies. In the absence of contraindications it is recommended to use inhalation, which contains benzoate and sodium chloride. You can use the tool with the addition of soda ash, ammonium chloride and plant extracts.

After these procedures, the moisture of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, reducing the excitability of the cough reflex center. Sputum gradually liquefies.

An effective impact will be from analgesics and anesthetics. Inhalation banned for children under the age of years. But if the child is under six years of age, this procedure must be done only with the prescription of a specialist and with the greatest care and caution.

Effective medications

Funds expectorant action. Their task is to reduce the viscosity of sputum. In this state, the sputum increases in volume several times and then begins to move independently.

acc pri kashle

Components mukoreguliruyuschim action. These include such as Ambroxol, carbocisteine, Bromhexine and acetylcysteine. The medication recovers the viscosity of the mucus, and it is much easier to getfrom the human body. The task of carbocisteine is penetration into the bronchial tree.

If you have bronchial asthma, and it is in the acute stage, it is prohibited to use drugs such as carbocisteine, Bromhexine and acetylcysteine. They have a reinforcing effect, influencing bronchoconstriction, and in this case, worsen the condition of the sick person.

Means mucolytic origin help to normalize the secretion of bronchial secretions. The tools used during the detect any abnormalities in the lungs, the bronchi and the trachea in children aged 1-3 years. The drug, which can be prescribed cough (ACC), is quite effective.

Antihistamines are used if the cough is caused by an allergic reaction. With this symptom a good membrane stabilizer sodium cromoglicate is considered to be.

Expectorant drugs and their effects

polza efirnyh masel pri kashleAmong major funds, with resorptive effect, is considered to be the following drugs: ammonium chloride, potassium iodide, sodium iodide, sodium bicarbonate. Penetration of the blood comes from the digestive tract, after that, they settle on the mucous membrane of the bronchi, stimulating the secretory activity. Due to liquefaction of sputum expectorated it well.

Funds that belong to the reflex action, marshmallow, licorice, essential oils, thermopsis. They are irritating and are under the influence receptor zones of the stomach. This effect is obtained when the tool penetrates the human body. After this exposure increases the health of salivary glands and mucous glands of the bronchi.

At the first signs of disease is recommended to consult a specialist.

He will conduct a thorough examination and prescribe the correct treatment.

At home treatment often leads to complications, after which the disease is poorly served not only treatment, but diagnosis.