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Is it possible to cure bronchitis without antibiotics?

Is it possible to cure bronchitis without antibiotics? This question is of interest to many patients. Bronchitis rarely occur by themselves, usually, the disease comes along with the flu or SARS, and sometimes as a complication of these diseases.

problema bronhitaBronchitis and a runny nose and red throat added strong dry cough in some cases the cough was wet. Dry is much more dangerous, so you should make every effort to turn a dry cough into wet. If successful, such activities bronchitis can be cured for ten days. Wet cough is a sign of acute bronchitis.

If after cough onset without treatment, this form of bronchitis easily becomes chronic.

No matter what method of treatment you chose, it should be comprehensive and include the following activities:

  • the removal from the body of viruses and infections;
  • ensuring patency of the bronchi;
  • thinning mucus and subsequent deliverance from it;
  • elimination of provoking factors of the disease.

Mode for bronchitis

vospalenie bronhiol pri bronhiteAt the beginning of the development of the disease it is very important to adhere strictly to the bed rest at least for the first three days, then the mode can be slightly weakened. In any case, the decision on the termination bed rest is necessary to the General condition improved and the temperature returned to normal. In this case, you can start a little walk in the fresh air, in a nearby Park.

During illness food should be mainly vegetable in nature. Allowable milk diet. At this time, it is important to ensure intake of vitamins in the body. Natural vegetables and fruits are the most appropriate source.

Absolutely contraindicated Smoking, which causes a dry cough, than delays a recovery. Usually smokers voluntarily give up the harmful habits at the time of illness, and often do not return to it after recovery.

Obstructive bronchitis in adults

vidy mokrotyFactor affecting the duration of the disease, is the density of the sputum when coughing. The lower the density allocated when coughing sputum, the easier it leaves the body. Speedy relief from phlegm - the shortest way to a quick recovery.

Plenty of warm drinks should be possible to contribute to this process. This method works perfectly. The more liquid the patient will drink, the faster will decrease the density of the phlegm and frees the bronchi. Moreover, during the active phase of inflammation there is a largethe amount of toxic entities that must be eliminated from the body as soon as possible.

Two to three liters of drink a day will relieve the patient from many unnecessary problems. To drink will fit any drinks, especially based on the natural sources of vitamins: a decoction of rose hips, raspberry, mint, Linden, chamomile and so on. The experiments allowed any drinking. The only thing that is unacceptable in a time of sickness, it is a drink that contains caffeine, which severely dehydrates the body. To such beverages, for example, can be safely attributed coffee and strong tea.

Dry air also provokes the cough. It is important to maintain normal humidity in the room where the patient is. Best for this purpose, suitable household humidifier. In addition to the need to do every day wet cleaning room.

Antibiotics for bronchitis

antibiotiki pri bronhiteIn some cases, when the bronchitis is very hard, prescribed the treatment of bronchitis in a hospital in the pulmonary Department. If acute bronchitis is not complicated in any abnormalities, the home treatment is quite effective.

How to cure bronchitis without antibiotics, knows traditional medicine. In most cases the use of antibiotics in bronchitis triggered by the flu or the common cold, does not make sense. A healthy immune system can easily cope with this inflammation itself.

Receiving antimicrobial agents on their own initiative with bronchitis strictly prohibited, as it can cause allergic changes in the bronchi, which in some cases can lead to bronchial asthma.

Anxiety should cause a sharp exacerbation of the disease after a short time, when suddenly the temperature rises, seriously deteriorating health of the patient and the sputum is green or yellow. In this case, it is necessary to call an ambulance. The doctor will take the necessary steps to clarify the diagnosis, ordering tests and x-rays. Only then he can recommend a course of antibiotics to combat the adhering bacterial form of infection.

dyhatelnaya gimnastika pri bronhiteAntiviral agents. If bronchitis provoking factor was the flu, the temptation to start the use of antiviral drugs. The offered range of medicines is as little studied in practice. Therefore, the decision about the treatment widely advertised drugs is entirely up to you.

Expectorants. Speedy relief from phlegm - the key to a fast recovery, so any doctor will prescribewelcome expectorant mucolytic drugs from groups such as Mucosolvan, Ambrogeksal, Bromhexine, Chest and breast herbal. When the cough has acquired all the features of a protracted process, prescribed to take Ascoril, which includes salbutamol.

To relieve dry cough in early disease take medicines such as Glaucine, Libeksin, Tusupreks, Leoprint and other medications that suppress dry cough. When the cough will turn into wet form use drugs to facilitate expectoration. In this case, shown Sinekod, Bronhikum, Bronholitin.

Traditional medicine offers its facilities such as: mother and stepmother, thermopsis, licorice. Once mucus begins to leave, medications that suppress the cough, you should stop and start taking the means to liquefy phlegm. These include mucolytics and expectorant. The latter include marshmallow, thyme, plantain, ivy and other herbs, which are widely uses for the treatment and traditional medicine, and folk.

polza ingalyacii pri bronhiteInhalation. This method has proved its effectiveness in the treatment of bronchitis. No inhalation quickly get rid of bronchitis will not work. If you have no contraindications to the use of inhalations, you use them very effectively enhance the treatment process. The most effective recipe for conducting inhalation in bronchitis there is great variety:

  • salt and soda solutions;
  • eucalyptus oil, mint, garlic, rosemary and other medicinal flora, rich in phytoncides inhalation which reduces the urge to cough and facilitates sputum;
  • special drugs charges;
  • special solutions for inhalation.

Massage, breathing exercises. When managed to get rid of temperature, there comes a time for a variety of massages, consistently providing significant curative effect. Very well proved at this stage, breathing exercises. According to the doctor's instructions can go a course of physiotherapy.

In the treatment of bronchitis great help thoroughly half-forgotten mustard, banks, hot compress and so on. These methods are quite effective and as safe as possible.

Many methods from the Arsenal of folk medicine still effective in modern conditions.

What are the methods, ask your grandparents, who likely will advise you a huge number of folk remedies of treatment. Many of them have not lost their relevance today.

But even in this case, medical supervision is necessary, because it is the key to successful treatment of any disease.