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What can be the use of immunomodulators for the flu

Immunomodulators the flu is a special group of drugs, which includes substances, the focus of which is to affect the protective system, to change its condition. Substances can be both synthetic and natural origin.

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In most cases after influenza complications occur, which cause harm to the human body and can even cause death. When in the region there is an epidemic, the number of patients, flu patients increased, and it certainly must be addressed. In that case, if increased body temperature, developed dyspnoea and suffocating cough, you must immediately consult the doctor. If the diagnosis of influenza is confirmed by a doctor, they will be assigned to the standard therapy, aimed at achieving the desired effect. The flu is usually treated according to the following scheme:

  • taking the drug, eliminating symptoms of the disease;
  • accepted immunomodulators to restore and raise the immune system;
  • taken antiviral drugs.

How to restore the body after flu

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Any medications must be prescribed by a doctor, and make them to be referred to the scheme. Otherwise the immune system will lose its protective ability and stop self-confrontation harmful microorganisms. Treated with immunomodulators children should very carefully, as the immune system is formed before the age of seven. Recognized that are best suited for recovery and support the immune system natural immunomodulators:

  • wild rose;
  • Melissa;
  • sage;
  • Chinese Magnolia vine;
  • aloe;
  • the purple coneflower.

Today is widely used by doctors immunomodulator such as interferon. Interferon is an artificial substance that replaces the protein. It helps to activate the body's immune response against the pathogen of infectious diseases. It was proved that even minimum dosage of the substance will include the body's defenses at the cellular level in the case, if there is a corresponding receptor cell membranes. Good drugs to restore the immune system recognized bacterial vaccines. They consist of fragments of the bacteria that caused complications of viral infections. While a man received the following medication (IRS, rutaskorbin Rue "Belmedpreparaty", Ribomunyl), his antibodies will be high level.

Immunomodulators are not recommended to take more than two times a year. In the period of carrying a child receiving immunomodulators are strictly contraindicated.

Naturaladjuvants in influenza

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Modulators of the immune system aims to change the person's defense system. Herbal teas and tinctures, for example, Echinacea is a natural composition to raise immunity. Echinacea is native to South America. Substances that plants naturally stimulate protective forces of the human body. To strengthen the body and minimize the risks of getting the flu will enable the administration of infusion three times a day 20 drops. To raise children's immunity is well suited lollipops on the basis of sage and Echinacea.

In the pharmacy today to see such a drug as a “Immunal”. It also contains Echinacea juice. Doctors recommend this drug for prophylaxis and as soon as the first symptoms of the flu or herpes. Exactly the same properties inherent in another drug – “munoaktivny ehinatsin”.

"Potent" in its effect immunomodulators is rosehip and Siberian ginseng. To feel the power of these natural medicines, you need to take the teas on their basis of not less than three months. Before the brew rose hips, it should be good to chop. When chopping, all useful properties are saved and increases the concentration of beneficial vitamins, elements. Teas must be well filtered before use. If the fruit is not to grind, in this case, it is recommended to brew them with boiling water three times. This allows to obtain extraction in the full state. Briar is strictly contraindicated for people with such diagnoses, as:

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  • thrombophlebitis;
  • endocarditis;
  • gastritis.

At the pharmacy you can buy tincture of Eleutherococcus. It is perfectly tones, improves the immune system. Perfect for children as it has a slight effect on the body. In the period of exacerbation of influenza this drug is widely used in kindergartens and educational institutions. Siberian ginseng is able to reduce the number of patients, and patients to provide the most serene flow of the flu. A good immunostimulant recognized by the fee on the basis of lemongrass. It consists of sage, lemongrass, nettle. Preparing a collection is easy. One piece of sage mixed with three parts of nettle and lemongrass. The mixture is poured a glass of boiling water and steep for two hours insist in a thermos. Take the infusion is recommended with the addition of honey in the morning after a meal.

Modern immunomodulators for lifting immunity

For the prevention of various diseases, strengthening immune reconstitution and treatment of influenza in a complex in modern medicine, usedthe immunomodulators. To apply these substances are absolutely all age categories of people.

Stress, environment, improper diet, epidemics of viral diseases, bad habits – all of this undermines health and destroys the immune system. Based on this, we can conclude that immunomodulators will not be harmful even for healthy, active body. Preparations for the lifting of immunity together with antibiotics, antifungal and antiviral drugs is also appointed by the doctor after surgery, for the treatment of chronic diseases. Today, the modulators of immunity can be classified into 3 groups:

  • endogenous;
  • exogenous;
  • synthetic.

The first group is the most safe, because the substances get through the allocation of speciest of the organs of the immune system. This group can be divided into preparations of thymus, cytokines, interferons, immunoglobulins. Let us dwell on each of the four categories.

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  1. The basis of thymus preparations are the peptides extracted from the thymus gland of cattle. This category medicines is “Imunofan in cancer”, “Timogen”. this group of drugs belong to immunomodulators, the main ingredient of which is obtained from KMM (bone marrow of mammals). They include such drugs as “Myelopid”.
  2. Cytokines are cells, it is synthesized by leukocytes, the main cells of the immune system. The most common drugs based on cytokines (interleukins) is “Betaleukin and Ronkoleukin”.
  3. Interferons, although have a protein nature, in its effect reminiscent of cytokines. These substances are formed as a result of protective reaction of the human organism during the invasion of viruses. Medications based on interferon are widely used by doctors in the treatment of influenza and other diseases. More often assigned “Viferon”, “Kipferon”.
  4. Immunoglobulins directed to the destruction of the virus. Immunoglobulins are produced in the form of injections that are injected in/in or/m being used In medicine to raise immunity against the flu and viral infections. the drug substance of the TRC.

Exogenous immunomodulators included in the second group, characterized by originating from fungi and bacteria. These include BCG vaccine, “Ribomunyl”, “rutaskorbin Rue "Belmedpreparaty"”, “During”, etc.

Synthetic immunomodulators constitute the third group of drugs for the lifting of immunity. It is a product of scientific research and chemical synthesis. Today, therapeutic drugs “Amiksin”, “Galavit”, “Diutsifon”. It must be remembered that any drug or natural drugmust appoint a physician.

Independent choice of modulators of the immune system are contraindicated and can cause harm.