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What to do if the flu back pain

Quite often after the flu back pain. Most people who have had similar unpleasant ailment, have experienced the muscle aches that accompanied the course of the disease or due to pathology.

problema boli v spine posle grippa

What a dangerous virus

Many experts this phenomenon is diagnosed as myositis – inflammation of the muscular and skeletal system, accompanied by pain syndrome, strained state of muscle fibers.

problema zabolevaniya grippom

At first glance there is nothing that would represent a serious threat to the health of the patient. But the assumption that the pain eventually she will be, are erroneous and are fraught with more serious complications. In the course of the myositis the urine of the patient oversaturated myoglobin – a globular protein, accumulating oxygen among muscle fibers. A direct consequence of this accumulation will be a significant failure of renal function.

When colds are accompanied by back pain or pain appear after recovery from the flu, this may indicate dysfunction of the immune system due to its depletion in fighting viral respiratory disease.

The functioning of the immune system is designed so that the resistance of pathogenic microorganisms it can take considerable resources muscular system, joints. The formation of painful symptoms may indicate the presence of a resistance of the immune system against the damaging bacteria.

After being hit by viruses in the human circulatory system, the body calls on all forces to overcome the threat of disease. Starts powerful release into the bloodstream all kinds of useful trace elements, which eliminates the source of the threat.

boleznennye tochki pri mioziteA sharp rise of their detention could trigger a temporary fever (body temperature rises), while the metabolism process is significantly slowed. Alongside, there is increased blood circulation in certain areas of the body requiring the need for intensive healing. Therefore, there is a partial reduction of circulating areas, the virus is able to ride out the crisis. For this reason, lost craving for food, muscles are weakened, there is pain in my joints during flu season due to low saturation via reduced blood flow. Often see a weakened brain activity, lethargy flu because of the small concentration of oxygen to the brain. This explains the pain that the patient may experience back during diseasecold-related illnesses, or complaints that a sore lower back.

Symptoms of the disease

The signs showed a complication of flu in the form of pains of the back or the waist, can be expressed as follows:

  • the pain occurs mainly in the morning, after the night, there was swelling;
  • myositis of the back smoothly into the loin, then radiates to the leg;
  • the loin muscles are constantly tense, significantly compacted;
  • when pressure is applied on the affected area of the pain is felt;
  • a chronic disease accompanied by pain of the joints.

The clinical picture of the disease

konsultaciya vracha pri bolyah v spine

This kind of pain is not typical permanent presence rather appear irregular exacerbations. Pathology progresses in two steps. Phase can be:

  • sharp;
  • chronic.

The first case of the disease, if you are not using appropriate treatment, gradually develops into a chronic form, muscle fibers of the patient be particularly sensitive, resulting in the change in atmospheric pressure. However, the chronic stage of the disease is a consequence not only not cured the first stage, but the result of viral colds, which can be the flu. The patient may not suggest the presence of muscle pathology, asserting itself only occasional symptoms. Local muscle dysfunction contributes to the development of the acute phase of myositis.

Myositis is easily provoked admitted with hypothermia, disease, flu, strong overload on the muscles. The pain may:

  • to appear on different parts of the spinal column;
  • by nature to be sharp (backache), sore;
  • increase, if you move to touching the affected area to avoid physical strain.

polza travyanogo chaj pri bolyah v spineIf your back is in pain, it should be understood that such a manifestation is not the disease but only its symptoms, so do not immediately resort to using various creams, ointments, injections, eliminates pain syndromes. First of all, you need to install the specific factors that triggered the pain. On advice from the specialist the patient is required to talk in some detail about the smallest details that cause the pain, periods of specific acts that may provoke an increase in pain. Based on the inspection and conversation with the patient, a qualified doctor capable of further examinations of the patient to diagnose the exact source of why my back hurts. If the actual sources of pain in the back revealed is not the time or made the wrong conclusions and diagnosis,people wrongly forced to undergo a huge amount of costly, time-consuming activities that do not bring the proper result.

Measures of the treatment of disease

Pain-stricken back effectively treated with warming measures. If the flu is not fully cured, it is not necessary to warm up the back hot tubs, steam bath. In this case, these procedures have a reasonable contraindications based on high temperature characteristics of the patient's body, when an additional portion of heat can easily provoke unwanted cardiovascular load. Warm the patients back better with the appropriate ointments purchased in pharmacies. Helps wool belt or scarf, warm, herbal teas.

polza jogi pri bolyah v spine

The main recommendation of the doctors in the case of colds (flu) is a strict observance of bed rest that promotes recovery. However, when the symptoms of the common cold is complemented by a pain syndrome of the back, lying in bed is not recommended for more than two days.

This prohibition is due to the cause of the stagnation in the muscle tissues and joints due to lack of activity. In this case, the pain will only increase. No matter how difficult it may be, of the movement necessary in the reasonable range of intensity. You should not go to extremes and be actively involved in the fitness section. Need only moderate yoga to a positive impact on the disease.

There are several approaches it is feasible even in bed: you lying on your back, to cuddle up knees to chest, grasping them in his hands, and well grouped. After waiting 2-3 minutes, you should straighten up and stretch as hard as you can, as after deep sleep. This exercise relieves muscle tension, stretching them from stagnation, reduces pain in the lumbar region.

In the first stages of catarrhal pathology of influenza is characterized by fever, occurs causing the pain in the lumbar region sacral. Infectious viruses such as influenza are very insidious. It is irregular manifestations signs. Because of this is often lost necessary for quality treatment time, increases the risk of difficult consequences. Often after flu sore back also occurs aching of the whole body with accompanying manifestations of increased tearfulness of the eyes, dryness of throat, high temperature performance.

If in the absence of symptoms of complicated viral-respiratory pathologies back muscles still hurt, accompanied by high temperature, there is a possibility of the presence of other sources of inflammation:cystitis, pyelonephritis, appendicitis, etc.

In such situations, the detection, diagnosis, prescribing a course of treatment deals with an experienced specialist. It is time to consult a doctor in order to exclude the possibility unwanted effects to accelerate the healing process.

buetsya will only perform simple physician's orders: to avoid hypothermia, do not stay too long in one position, to eliminate awkward postures, to avoid places, blown by the wind, to engage in systematic exercises.