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Possible complications of influenza on the joints

That SARS does not go unnoticed, many people know, but possible complications of the flu on the joints, try to find out. Rheumatoid arthritis as a separate disease is not fully understood, but it is assumed that it arises as a result of complications of certain diseases. Provocateurs of arthritis often become infectious diseases: influenza, SARS, acute respiratory infections, sore throat. Any infection is commonly treated with antibiotics, and sometimes potent, hormonal, antiviral meds, that affects not the best way to other organs, and joints are no exception.

boli v sustavah

In the first turn, disrupted the human immune system, immunity is not to protect her body, and absolutely against it, begins to fight healthy cells. Attack are all organs: kidneys, liver, heart, cartilage and joints.

How does the immune system

Due to the continuous lymphatic support Department activities of blood vessels, the blood circulates round the body in large and small circle of blood circulation. For breach of this treatment, the lymph nodes begin to accumulate cells, which fight infection, destroy it.

During disease, in particular influenza, self-regulation of the organism misinformed under the influence trapped in the body from outside the chemical elements (of antibiotics), the patient temperature rises, but the immune cells play the role of self-defense, but others remain unprotected just.

autoimmunnaya ataka na organizm

This reaction of immune cells takes place in lymph vessels and stops exactly at the joints. The immune system begins to attack both diseased and healthy cells that are most active.

Violation of self-regulation of the immune system leads to the opposite process of autoimmune reaction, with recurrence of viral diseases the immune cells begin to destroy healthy cells, which gives a complication of the joints of the flu, and the patient complains of torsion of the fingers, aching joints, poor rotation, pain with extension and flexion.

All this inevitably leads to disability, so contact a doctor and heal joints must.

Why aching joints

The crunch and the coldness in the joints that cause discomfort during movements, pleasant enough. These symptoms are more common in people of delicate Constitution. People also a strong Constitution observed swollen joints, hot to the touch that ache even at rest.

Flu, SARS and genetic predisposition, hypothermia provoke the developmentrheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory processes on the background of complications are just devastating on all the joints, destroying them, leading to the accumulation of salts in them. By the way, the joints may ache due to wrong diet and irregular sleep patterns.

After the flu to bring the joints back to normal

maslyanyj massazh pri sustavnyh bolyah

First you need to adjust your lifestyle, review diet, mental, exercise, avoid stress, nevirapine.

If the disease has arisen because of a flu, is infectious diseases, as anti-inflammatory drugs your doctor may prescribe diclofenac, nimesulide, other injection. Helps herbal medicine, compresses, baths, oil massages.

To treat joints in summer, good sun exposure, i.e. tanning, but in moderation. For pain you can apply a tincture of dandelion. Water is what removes from the joints of patients toxins, excess salts, decomposition products of the tissues, purifies the blood, so drink fluids with pain in the joints as much as possible.

Quickly deposited in the joints salt of oxalic acid contained in red wine, red meat. The use of these products should be limited. But will cleanse the body of toxins with fresh apples, the fish will supply the body with fatty acids.

It is important to limit the intake of common salt, which also leads to swelling and deposits of salts in joints.

Aching joints need help, the load should be limited and proper. This does not mean that it is not necessary to walk. Movement is absolutely necessary.

ogranichenie upotrebleniya soli pri bolnyh sustavah

A constant load shall be subjected to all the joints and muscles, or they atrophy, and this is much more dangerous and harder pain. Arthritis movement is necessary but in the correct, special mode.

Often the treatment of the joints is performed using kinesitherapy, the principle of which is to create normal conditions for the joints, it is necessary to set in motion all the ligaments, muscles, to get them to spin, to relax, to contract and to keep the fluid in the joints and not allow it to stagnate.

Rheumatoid arthritis antibiotics and other hormones are not appropriate.

Treatment of joints with the help of exercise

Even if the feet hurt, the painkillers will not help, need to be treated in a natural way, in spite of the pain.

The location of the pain after a flu can be different. Someone cramps in my legs, fingers extremities, and some fail to raise the back or complains of pain in the sacrum, spine, knees, shoulders - in short, in anythe place where there are muscles and ligaments.

kompleks uprazhnenij dlya plechevyh sustavov

When the pain in the shoulder joint you need to:

  1. To attach to the wall of a small rubber damper, making the traction that is a sore hand, back and forth, on the principle of sawing logs. The amplitude at a given exercise should be the maximum. Training is most effective when the ligaments muscles shoulder, elbow or wrist are stretched to the maximum.
  2. It is also good to do push-UPS from floor, chair or wall. Even if the joints ache, exercise should be done through pain and at least 10-20 times in one session. Cravings hands should be carried out to 30-40 times, 3-4 times a week.

When the pain in the knee joint it is useful to walk on his knees, wearing knee pads, for 100 steps each leg, then squat and relax.

The pain in the ankle joint useful squats in front of me you can put the chair, holding the back of the hands. The support should be sustainable. Under the heel you can put a thick book and make 10-100 squats, depending on opportunities.

gimnastika pri bolyah v pozvonochnike

For pain in the spine it is helpful to lie on your back, take your arms out to the sides, bend your knees. Next, raise both legs towards the head, trying to tear off pelvis from the floor, lower legs, preferably behind the head.

It is very important to produce the movement on the exhale with an open mouth. It was under such circumstances not only warmed up all the ligaments, muscles, joints, but also eliminates pain.

If the sore joints, so they develop an inflammatory process. To mute it, to remove the inflammation by using simple classes that should not be neglected even in the pain. It's better than swallowing painkillers. Exercises don't need to stop even with the increase in pain, appearance of swelling in the legs. The joints need to adapt to such loads. Any disease during a certain period and not pass a single day.

For treatment of joints will take no less than a month, the loads need to get used to. To reduce pain and swelling after such treatments to the feet and hands you can apply cold compresses in the form of dampened towels or frozen in refrigerator ice, which is good to add the solution of mint. It is cold enhances blood circulation and if blood begins to circulate faster, soon to the joints will begin to pour warm. They will quickly warm up, and the pain subsides.

Complications of influenza on the joints is possible because they are the ultimate long-term station with poor circulation. But movement is life, even ifthis aching joints. It is important to treat the joints, not by medication, and more gentle and yet effective exercises that will help to get rid of excruciating pain if not forever, then for a long time.