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Why are there complications of the flu on the ears and how to treat them?

Sometimes, people can get complications from the flu on the ears. This happens for various reasons. It is better not to start the process, and go directly to the otolaryngologist who will diagnose and will prescribe the necessary medication. After all, if not promptly visit a doctor, the disease reaches the stage where people can lose hearing. This complication can instantly harm the human body and entail a lot of consequences. Therefore it is necessary to know not only how to treat disease, but how to limit yourself from it.

problema oslozhneniya posle grippa na ushi

General information about the flu

Influenza is an acute infectious disease of the respiratory tract. Often called the flu almost every cold, but that's not true, because similar symptoms have diseases such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, etc.

Influenza is transmitted by droplet infection, i.e. the virus can enter only through the nose, mouth and go on to the bronchi. When a patient sneezes or coughs near a healthy people, the smallest particles of phlegm flies out and standing next to a person inhales this infected air. Soon he, too, is sick. But there is another way of infection is contact. No wonder it is strongly recommended to wash hands after street and not to touch with dirty hands to face. The patient may sneeze, while you sneeze cover your hands and transmit the virus when shaking hands. And then the scheme simple. The second man could scratch your nose and inhale the virus, which was in his hands.

There is a huge concentration of the virus saved in places with a large crowd of people: kindergartens, schools, cafes, shopping centers, etc.

vysokaya temperatura pri grippe

As for flu symptoms, they are well known to all:

  • high temperature;
  • chills;
  • sore throat;
  • stuffy nose;
  • cough;
  • nausea;
  • pain in the joints.

Often the flu is a severe and serious disease. The threat it can present only in the case if a person has diabetes, tuberculosis, heart problems, kidney failure.

What everyone should know about otitis media

Sometimes it happens that after influenza a person has a feeling as if the ears. This complication, called otitis media. Many believe that if it hurts the ear, it just blew cold wind. But otitis media you can get sick in summer. You can call a bunch of reasons why this complication occurs:

  • SARS and the flu;
  • sore throat;
  • a weak immune system;
  • runny nose.

Most often, this complication affects children in the earlyage. They have quite a weak immune system, and the chance to otitis media is very high. In infants it is observed most often, previous infection gives complication on the ears.

nasmork - prichina vozniknoveniya otita

Otitis media is divided into the following types:

  • catarrhal;
  • serous;
  • purulent.

The flu is most common catarrhal. Infection via the respiratory pipe enters the mucosa of the auditory tube and allows it to go further. The tympanic cavity is broken, and the air is gradually absorbed into the mucous membranes, the pressure decreases. This disease has another name - tubootitis.

It appears that this disease is very insidious and may be asymptomatic, to go from acute to chronic. If not noticed in time, the person may be complications and he will lose the hearing permanently.

The symptoms of this disease

Every disease has its symptoms and treatment. The main goal of the patient - time to pay attention to it and to visit a doctor. As otitis can lead to hearing loss, you need to know the main symptoms of this complication, such as:

plohoj son kak simptom otita

  • pain in the ear;
  • temperature;
  • insomnia;
  • swollen, red ear.

Analyze all the symptoms in order and see how it runs.

At the initial stage of the disease people may complain that it hurts the ear. A feeling that the ear shoots. Pain is felt deep inside the ear. Sometimes it can be drilling, pricking. Man it hurts to swallow, sneezing, coughing, the pain may radiate to the jaw or in the throat. At night, the pain often intensifies and disturbs the sleep of the patient. Also a feeling that the ear, and the man may be a little deaf.

The human condition is violated. He can feel weakness, headache, fever, the patient refuses to take food. Then on examination, the patient you notice that the eardrum is red and swollen. When touched there is a sharp pain. Child under years not able to explain what's wrong with him, so you must pay attention to the fact that the baby will have attention to his ears.

razryv barabannoj pereponki

In the second stage of the disease is perforation of the eardrum and may cause a flow of pus. This can be seen on day 2-3 of the disease. Gradually the pain subsides and the patient feels much better than few days ago. The temperature drops to normal. Sometimes this gap can occur independently, and sometimes not. Thick eardrum may not produce pusfaster flow. This is a procedure known as paracentesis. The doctor makes a small puncture. If you do this procedure on time, the recovery occurs faster and hearing returns to 100%. This is pretty simple and quick procedure will allow the person to avoid further complications after otitis media.

And comes the third stage called recovery. The patient can observe improvement in General condition. The redness and swelling down, stops suppuration, and closes the defect of the eardrum. Through 2, sometimes 3 weeks, the patient feels great and it is fully refundable hearing.

The treatment of this disease

obrashenie k vrachu pri otite

The treatment itself must be assigned to a special doctor who deals with this disease. Usually, otitis media is treated with antibiotics. If the patient has a high temperature, do not forget to prescribe antipyretic medication. To relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa and nasopharynx, need vasoconstrictors, which dripped into the nose. In order to relieve severe pain in the ears, you need to use a drop-anesthetics. Your doctor may also recommend the patient warm compresses, irrigation of the various antiseptic solutions, and assign several courses of physical therapy.

Medical intervention (puncture) is required only in extreme cases is to ensure that the infection does not penetrate the brain.

If parents suspect the child has otitis media, you need to call the doctor. Before the arrival of the doctor is forbidden to warm the ear, dribble it with various drops. The baby in the ear may be a foreign object, and only a doctor will be able to help, pulling it out with special tools. And if it is otitis media it is necessary to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Has not been canceled and General recommendations of the doctor, such as bed rest, proper nutrition, use vitamins, which strengthen the immune system.

No matter how old the person is, prevention is always indispensable. Sometimes it is recommended to visit the doctor for a checkup. He's a special device called Otoscope, will determine the condition of the eardrum and see if there's inflammation in her or not. In many children, acute otitis media can quickly turn into chronic, this disease is considered very dangerous. In order to avoid this, the expert puts the drain pipe and thus prevents the manifestation of this disease in the chronic form.

The main thing - to observe his condition, a condition of the child and family, and then with proper and comprehensive treatment of otitis media no not terrible. And visiting every six months or a year a technician can and doesto forget about such a complication of the flu or a cold, otitis media.