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What cough with pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a disease to recognize that sometimes simply. Patients are often concerned about the cough in pneumonia.

problema kashlya pri pnevmonii

What can cause a cough?

Cough is a reflex reaction that occurs in response to the irritant effect of any factors. As the irritants are dust, foreign body, sputum. So coughing should not be considered independent disease, is a symptom of any disease, including pneumonia.

Many agree that the cough is one of the most unpleasant symptoms. First, it is quite often accompanied by painful sensations. Second, it prevents a person to lead a normal lifestyle: long, lingering cough literally exhausting, especially felt at night. Thirdly, it causes psychological discomfort. Many familiar situation when a sudden bout of loud coughing in a public place attracts attention. In such a situation, the person feels uncomfortable. Therefore, those who cough are ready to buy any medication just to get rid of this symptom.

doktor mom dlya lecheniya kashlyaAs for pneumonia, it rarely occurs without coughing. To suspect a person has this disease, it is important to know what cough and pneumonia. He's usually first with a dry, Intrusive and constant, often very strong. When inflammation develops, the cough becomes wet, with sputum containing mucus, pus, streaks of blood. It is called productive. And though it is unpleasant, but much more favorable than dry because it allows you to remove accumulated during the illness of the phlegm from the respiratory tract. Together with phlegm is removed and all the junk that accumulated there. This speeds up the recovery. In addition, if the sputum appears good, it reduces the risk of complications. Therefore, to suppress this reflex reaction should not be. If the body itself can not cope with the task, to help him come to the drugs prescribed by your doctor. They thin the mucus and contribute to its better discharge.

As for the dry cough is quite painful and unpleasant symptom. Because the sputum in this case is not allocated, no relief comes. Attacks of dry cough are repeated multiple times, further irritate the Airways and cause a new, more powerful attacks. It is a vicious circle. So this cough has to be controlled. Usually after a few days it becomes wet. But, if during this time attacks of dry cough cause discomfort should appoint himeffective bronchodilators, such as Pektusin, syrups and licorice root Doctor, Bromhexine, Mukaltin. To treat dry paroxysmal cough in pneumonia can and folk remedies: radish with honey or infusion of nettle.

Though wet cough with pneumonia is productive and promotes the removal of phlegm, it too needs to be treated. First, the mucus can be very viscous, especially in children, and it must be thin. Second, if the sputum for a long time will be in the lungs, it can develop bacteria. To stimulate the excretion of sputum, the patient is prescribed expectorants.

progulki na svezhem vozduhe dlya profilaktiki kashlyaAnother feature characteristic of pneumonia is that usually cough after pneumonia immediately fails.

It can occur over a long period. Moreover, in adults the cough after pneumonia persists much longer than in children.

This is due to the final purification of the lungs from sputum. You need to perform breathing exercises, to massage the chest, inflate and blow off the ball, not to swallow sputum, which clears his throat. So, the body to recover faster from illness.

If the cough remains and persists for a long period, you should consult a doctor.

In such cases appointed, as a rule, not drugs, and physical therapy and folk remedies. For the treatment of cough after the disease you need to take vitamin C, to walk in the fresh air, do exercises for your lungs, drink plenty of warm water, eat vegetables and fruits to strengthen the immune system. Any colds after pneumonia may lead to relapse. Preferably after pneumonia not SuperCool and not to overheat, to keep the temperature balance, lead a healthy lifestyle and spend more time in the fresh air.

How dangerous in pneumonia, the sputum with blood?

Sometimes in pneumonia the sputum is of a rusty tinge, indicating the presence of blood.

How dangerous is it to humans? It all depends on what pathogens caused the disease. For example, for lobar pneumonia, the sputum with blood is not dangerous, it is only a stage of the disease. But for focal pneumonia the presence of blood in phlegm is a dangerous symptom. In any case, this manifestation of the disease should be alerted, and will require additional diagnostics.