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Disease laryngitis: what to treat and what are its symptoms?

Laryngitis, how to treat this disease? This question arises almost immediately as soon as person learns his diagnosis.

problema laringitaOften the disease appears not as an independent infection, with inflammation of the nasal cavity, throat, trachea and pulmonary Department.

What is this disease?

To contribute to the evolution of measles, diphtheria, complications of syphilis or tuberculosis.
In addition to the infection causes of laryngitis include:

kurenie - prichina laringita

  1. Small particles of gas and dust present in the air;
  2. External stimuli plant, food or chemical origin(allergens);
  3. Too hot or too cold food;
  4. Overload vocal apparatus;
  5. Bad habits (alcohol and Smoking).

The chronic form is favored

  1. Frequent infections in the throat with unfair treatment;
  2. Chronic diseases of the respiratory system;
  3. Frequent hypothermia;
  4. The work of the vocal apparatus for wear (most often found in people involved in oratorical activities, public performances);
  5. Active and passive Smoking;
  6. Alcoholic beverages;
  7. The polluted air.

How does the disease?

shema laringitaPathogen (infectious and noninfectious) hits on the lining and damages it, causing swelling and severe pain. Occur redness and bleeding, mucus secretion strong.
Laryngitis has its varieties:

  1. Catarrhal. The easiest and the surface form. The main symptoms - sore and a slight cough.
  2. Hypertrophic. Enhanced cough, hoarse voice and sore. The formation of specific growths. If you are unable to get rid of them the traditional way, the nodules treated with nitrate of silver. In advanced cases, the surgeon intervenes, the infected area cut.
  3. Atrophic. The mucous membrane becomes thinner. Increased dry mouth, painful cough, hoarse voice. Perhaps the separation of the crusts with blood impurities. The main cause called passion foods, richly seasoned with hot spices.
  4. Professional. The ligaments are formed by thickenings. Have an illness of teachers and public people.
  5. Diphtheria. Provokes the lowering of the infection from the tonsils into the larynx, causing the mucous membrane is covered, difficult breathing.
  6. Tuberculosis. The formation of hillocks and seals at the larynx. Occurs when the spread of tuberculosis. Possible deformation and destruction of the epiglottis.
  7. Syphilitic. Called complicationssyphilis. Feature - the formation of ulcers and plaques of the mucous character.

Laryngitis in adults

vysokaya temperatura - simptom laringitaThe disease is called acute, if the treatment is made after 10 days from the moment of appearance of the first symptoms, and chronic if symptoms persist for a long time.

Main symptoms:

  • discomfort throat - dry, sore;
  • pain;
  • cough (initially dry of the disease, and later - the exhaust sputum);
  • low efficiency of the vocal cords (fatigue, hoarseness);
  • fever;
  • persistent headaches.

To diagnose the disease specialist on the basis of complaints of the patient and the primary survey.

In case of difficulties, the doctor orders additional tests and studies.

The treatment of the disease

evkaliptovoe maslo ot laringitaDrugs to treat appointed by the therapist and ENT doctor. In most cases the treatment is ambulatory, but may need hospitalization to the hospital. The first condition necessary for recovery - rest and bed rest. The patient should refrain from talking and communicate with others. Effective is diet. Food should be warm, not cold and not hot, so as not to irritate the throat. From the diet advised to exclude alcoholic drinks. Suggest to drink laryngitis more fluids, especially warm honey milk. Give up Smoking and the fence from tobacco smoke. Maintain a comfortable climate in the apartment, ventilate the room. Not superfluous will be to conduct a home-warm - compresses and inhalations.

Medical treatment of laryngitis includes:

  • local agents with antimicrobial properties. These include: sprays, lozenges and pastilles drug;
  • means mukoliticescoe action;
  • drugs, thinning mucus;
  • drugs that can remove swelling of the larynx;
  • in extreme cases, an antibiotic is prescribed if initial treatment does not bring relief.

polza svekolnogo soka pri laringiteThe treatment of the chronic form are similar to the treatment of acute, just more attention to the source of chronic infection. Cure chronic laryngitis are selected by the specialist.

It is recommended that the integrated approach. Beneficial irrigation of specialized anti-inflammatory throat spray. For the treatment buy drugs laryngitis that contains emollients and plantoil. Regularly inhalation, this method has proved to be one of the most effective. The simplest method is to inhale steam over a pot, but now sold specialized devices for inhalation, which greatly facilitates the preparation of the process itself. Inhalation is carried out with a decoction of sage, chamomile and other antiseptic herbs. Edema will help solutions with oils of peppermint, menthol and eucalyptus.

Supporters of traditional medicine should use these recipes:

  • rinse potato juice;
  • inhalation of a decoction of yellow poppy, anise seeds and brandy;
  • the plantain juice with honey;
  • beet juice with Apple cider vinegar.

polza maty pri laringiteMost affordable remedy for acute laryngitis - gargle with baking soda. Ratio: 1 liter of soda in 1 Cup of water. Rinses are held frequently, at least 6 times a day. You can use this tool from laryngitis as sea salt, which is an inexhaustible source of medicinal properties.
The rinse is held in carrot infusion. Peel the carrots and cook in milk, then use the decoction for rinsing. The disease will retreat very quickly if you rinse at least 5 times a day. This way you can reduce the initial symptoms of laryngitis.

Every 30 minutes, take a spoon of honey with lemon juice. You can use honey with herbal tea, it is necessary to wrap the throat with a warm scarf or a scarf.
The use of drugs for the treatment of laryngitis (e.g., lozenges) are possible, but you should choose them, paying attention to composition. Each impact differently, contain different active ingredients, fragrances and dyes. The popularity of such tools ensures that these drugs are affordable, accessible and easy to use. Contraindications include only an individual Allergy to the components. Remember that these lollipops are the means of emergency aid. Treatment must be carried out in combination of all methods.

poloskanie gorla pri laringiteTo effectively lubricate the throat Lugol - iodine dissolved in potassium iodide. It reduces swelling and inflammation. The procedure is extremely unpleasant, so now recedes into the background, but this medicine is very effective laryngitis.
Children are much harder to tolerate this disease. If the adult observed just discomfort, then children can begin the narrowing of the larynx. Children with allergies suffer from laryngitis a lot more often than others. Usually laryngitis in children are colds different types: response toair pollution, animal fur, dirt and dust. Recorded cases of laryngitis family (moving to a new apartment, renovation, change of furniture). The disease in babies is manifested suddenly and very acute.

Parents should be troubled by changes in the tone and volume of voice, lack of appetite, increased coughing at night. If a child is newborn, then he will say lethargy, nervousness, lack of mood, the presence of mucous secretions from the nose and throat. If the child can't breathe, fever is not amenable to effects, immediately call the ambulance. Selection of medicines should be made by a pediatrician, taking into account all individual characteristics of the child.
Prevention of laryngitis is the baby maintaining a healthy and comfortable climate in the apartment, correct and varied diet, regular walks in the fresh air.

For responsible treatment recovery occurs in children, in adults after 10 days. In the chronic form of the medication is aimed at reducing discomfort, complete recovery is impossible.
Remember that trying to cure laryngitis can cause complications, so the whole complex of measures should be agreed with a specialist.